By ColoradoGirl420 - 24/03/2014 18:53 - United States - Colorado Springs

Today, at my job as a bouncer at a music venue, a guy got his nose broken in a rowdy mosh pit. When I went to help him up and see if he was okay, he said, "It was an accident, please don't kick me out," but the word "please" came out as a hot spray of his blood across my face. FML
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ColoradoGirl420 tells us more.

Hey All. I did immediately go wash up once I confirmed that he was okay, he thought I was going to kick him out for moshing, I don't think he realized quite yet that his nose was broken, he was pretty drunk. And I am a chick, not a dude :) I get tested regularly anyway, but he and I did have a conversation after he went and cleaned himself up too. I explained that I was worried about disease and he looked positively horrified at the thought and insisted that he was clean. But I did get checked, came back all good. And I love my job, it's only part time, I only work the big shows, been doing it for a while and this is the only time this has ever happened to me. It didn't scare me off like my boss thought it would when he saw me marching off in a huff to the ladies room to clean myself up! lol

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RenoTheRhino 30

You better get yourself checked for diseases if it got in your mouth! Good luck!

Should've learned to say it, not spray it


RenoTheRhino 30

You better get yourself checked for diseases if it got in your mouth! Good luck!

SpicyGazpacho 5

Looks like the first comment pressure got to you, eh?

RenoTheRhino 30

Spicy Gazpacho, even though both of these replies will get thumbed down because no one else understands, yes. I had to be the first commenter. ;)

emirie 21

Actually #1 makes a very good point. A lot of diseases like HIV and hepatitis can be spread this way.

RenoTheRhino 30

Emirie, shame on me for being dumb, but I commented a single letter quickly to ensure my comment was first, and then I changed it to something sensible.

emirie 21

Haha at least you're honest.

SpicyGazpacho 5

Thanks for backing me up, Reno :)

RedPillSucks 31

Even if it didn't get in his mouth. He could have small facial cuts from shaving. And there's also his eyes.

Don't forget inside the nose. Luckily, workman's comp should cover this.

Workman's comp coverage is great, but only if whatever OP may have gotten is curable/treatable with medicine. Hopefully you didn't, but even so, a stranger's blood in/on your face is gross. True FML!

Bouncers get workmans comp?

MissStephanie 10

This is one of the reasons I'm extremely hemophobic and this thread made me a tad queasy. Blood is nasty, I would have passed out.

So what happened after that?

He was obv. kicked out. The only reason OP helped him up, was probably to kick the dude out. Pretty nasty with the blood spray tho

Don't think he was kicked out, but OP doesn't say. I'm guessing not - but how do you "accidentally" fight? You either choose to fight/ fight back or take it/run, so whatever you do it's a deliberate choice...

It doesn't sound like it was a proper "fight"; as OP said, mosh pits can get very rowdy and things can easily get out of hand! The poor guy probably just wanted to stay for the duration of whatever gig was on, despite having a broken nose. That's some awesome dedication, but I know I'd be straight out of there and off to the hospital if it were me haha

2, I imagine he would be taken to a hospital.

Should've learned to say it, not spray it

melacortez 11

What a bloody mess !

You know it was a good pit when you come out of it with some blood. ;D

O, you don't bloody say! Are you positive he spit blood? If so that's a negative situation... At least he didn't spit it on your ABs...guess he wasn't your type!

You're trying too hard, 21...

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MilkyFilmz 26

How did he not care? Did you miss the part where the FML said he tried to help? Next time, read the FML and your comment before posting something stupid.

29, please take your own advice and reread 6's comment.

"Should not have acted like a typical bouncer, who try not to care." When fixed to make sense, its easy to see that one of those negatives does not belong there, and I'm betting it's the first one. The double negative results in a positive: "Should have acted like a typical bouncer and tried to care. " Therefore, 29s reply makes sense.

MilkyFilmz 26

Thank you! Sorry, it was kind of a confusing statement

babygurll19 10

I think #6 meant that OP "should have acted like a typical bouncer and not tried to care." I think the "shouldn't" was a mistake, but I could be wrong.

cryssycakesx3 22

he's saying the bouncer should not have cared..

Yea I meant 'should' and for some reason the iPhone autocorrected it to 'shouldn't'. Fml.

At least you know you did the right thing

So he apologized for someone else giving him a bloody nose? And OP I would get checked out just in case he had a disease that he may have passed on to you

That's bada** in one sense but completely disgusting and unsanitary in another

I don't know how sympathetic I'd be, with a face full of a stranger's body fluids

RedPillSucks 31

I know what you meant but that just sounded way nastier in my head.

I'd get tested if I were you.