By wantsleep - 28/12/2016 08:25

Today, my boss continues to think it's appropriate to send me whining texts about work at midnight. Or 4 a.m. I think his complaints about not selling as much candy as he expected can wait till work hours. FML
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If he's texting you at 4 am, he's probably eating too much candy. Or snorting it.

Tell your boss that you would be more than happy to receive texts from him outside of work hours provided that he has you being paid a percentage of your salary while you are on On Call Status, pays your phone bill, and pays you your full hourly rate anytime he sends you a work related text. Try going to HR, or your bosses supervisor to get him to stop.


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mmm candy, im eating some as i type this

You should talk to your boss about respecting your time. That is unprofessional, and the texts can wait. Also, people with higher ranks are not supposed to complain to the lower ranks. He needs to find someone outside of the company to complain to.

Set your phone to "do not vibrate on silent" or into a "sleep mode" that prevents any messages from arriving during the hours you're actually trying to sleep. That'll at least make it so you're not disrupted in the middle of the night.

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I did this when between the hours of 11 and 9/10 when I shared a room with my sister so it didn't bother her when I got an email or text or phone call because she complained about my email notifications. I set it to only allow calls and texts from my mom, dad, sister, and coworkers/managers. It was really handy. I hated having to turn it on and off which was why I scheduled it to turn on and off.

If he's texting you at 4 am, he's probably eating too much candy. Or snorting it.

And here I thought the worst thing an Oompa Loompa had to worry about was singing in harmony.

I came to say "get him an Oompa Loompa". Yours is much better.

I bet that OP is female, and her boss is a creeping dork and this is his attempt at lonely female attention or flirting.

Maybe he is trying to see if your management material