By ailat0107 - 31/05/2009 16:46 - United States

Today, two of my girlfriends and I went to a bar. The only action any of us got was a 50 year-old man who came up and handed us, "An origami vagina for the pretty ladies." FML
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Lmao, an origami vajayjay?! That's pretty awesome.

narwhalz 0

Just imagine what he can do with those hands!


erroneousx2 0

Ahaha, I think its sorta bad this reminds me of my dad.

wowfmlife 0

That's cool dude, I prefer swans though

HorrorByrd 0

ahaha that's awkward. an origami ******? that guy's got some intese skill.

#11- Haha, what, you dad gives origami vaginas to unsuspecting groups of girls too? xD

BulldogQB4 0

That's pretty funny. I mean I would be freaked out if it was me....considering I'm a guy. What is an origami ******? Just a piece of paper folded once?

an origami vajayjay seems just like the sort of thing Dr. Oz would bring to the Oprah show.

robbyrabbit 0

i must find this book that tells you how to make an origami ******. it probably tells you how to make a penis, too. all sorts of goodies. and by the way, FYL.