By oops - 29/07/2015 06:15 - United States

Today, thinking no one was home, I decided to be a little frisky with my boyfriend. I guess I was being loud and woke up my sleeping autistic brother the room over. Halfway through, he burst through the door, panicking. He thought I was having another one of my asthma attacks. FML
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At least he cares about you

Sucks to be you OP, but seriously, be more careful and check next time.


At least he cares about you

It's one of those 'embarrassingly cute' kind of situations.

Same thought here, I'd feel equal parts embarrassed and loved. Awkward situation, sure, but at loves her little brother loves OP...

Hopefully OP was touched by her brother's caring attitude... even if that wasn't the sort of touch she was hoping for.

that doesn't sound right, 80.

Sucks to be you OP, but seriously, be more careful and check next time.

Why wouldn't you check first, ydi

op did check.. just not well enough

#20 I bet OP pulled the same face as your profile picture..

Shouldn't you at least check before assuming no ones home?

it doesn't say anywhere in the fml that she assumed that..

Assuming always leads to very bad consequences! Always check before you get loud

Get some locks in your room.

"Why you breathing so hard ?" " why are you hurting my brother ." So many possible outcomes could have arose from this and I thank you,op , for making me laugh so much in the moaning, I mean morning .

If your door has a lock, then YDI, but if your door doesn't, then maybe try being more quiet

They thought no one was home. Why would they?

Bitch, he was very nice, be glad you have an awesome brother like that. And be respectful of your family next time. No sex when people are here. It's like...the least you can do, because people WILL here you.

leogachi 15

You deserve it for not actually checking to see if anyone was home.

it's good that he cares about you. but actually make sure no one is home next time