By oops - United States
  Today, thinking no one was home, I decided to be a little frisky with my boyfriend. I guess I was being loud and woke up my sleeping autistic brother the room over. Halfway through, he burst through the door, panicking. He thought I was having another one of my asthma attacks. FML
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By  devildog562  |  33

"Why you breathing so hard ?" " why are you hurting my brother ."
So many possible outcomes could have arose from this and I thank you,op , for making me laugh so much in the moaning, I mean morning .

By  Bleublancrouge_fml  |  13

Bitch, he was very nice, be glad you have an awesome brother like that. And be respectful of your family next time. No sex when people are here.

It's like...the least you can do, because people WILL here you.

By  leogachi  |  15

You deserve it for not actually checking to see if anyone was home.