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Tread lightly, my friend. Tread lightly.

This reminds me of that movie Bad Teacher.


This reminds me of that movie Bad Teacher.

Or That's My Boy.

Tread lightly, my friend. Tread lightly.

You never now whose life you will make a difference in!

I'd report that to the principle asap just in case so if she says you came on to her it'll be on file.

Jeez you guys have no humor

Your statement didn't sound humorous at all.

Are we supposed to find the humor in your username as well?

Year 1 means they are probably only about 5-7 years old, so they shouldn't come onto OP.

Based on everything I've seen on FML, I would tell their parents and/or principal before they try to convince people you went after them first. Here's hoping someone you want to hear those things from says them to you real soon!

Dude, year 1s are 5 year olds..

Hey, at least somebody loves you.

Well if it's meant to be you should go for it.

You should reevaluate your lifestyle

Why is that?

This post is about a first grader, not a college freshman or something.

.... .... I thought it was a college freshman. This makes sense now.

How cute :) You sound a very friendly teacher

Pretty stupid question but my year 1 does she mean grade 1 class?

Yeah. A year 1 class is like 1st grade in America.

Year 1 is 6-7 year olds in Western Australia, and I think he deserves it, but the good type of deserve