By ChiefKoala - 22/01/2016 17:05 - United States - Rockwood

Today, one of my professors left a cabinet door open whilst teaching class. The compulsion to get up and close it was so strong that I could barely concentrate on what was being taught. FML
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ChiefKoala tells us more.

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Okay. Wow I can't believe this got posted! So anyway, I do this at home. Like before I go to bed I HAVE to make sure the two doors that lead outside are locked and that every cabinet door in the house is closed. And I probably do have OCD, As I have anxiety and Severe depression to boot as well. For those wondering: I didn't get up and close it for a few reasons. 1.) I didn't want to interrupt him. 2.) I figured he would find it rude and stupid to just get up and close a door that probably only bothered me. And 3.) I have anxiety, so getting up or even speaking in a class full of students is damn near impossible. Also, all of his lectures are also on Momentum (Which is basically how we email our teachers and get all the material we need for the class like the syllabus and shit) so I've already looked over what he taught for today. And to the person who said "i would not do anything, because im not compulsive about minor things like that." That's fantastic. Why don't you give yourself a pat on the back? I live with and am stuck around people who see that as "minor" and don't do anything about it. I know what a "normal" person looks like. I can't help it. I know it's minor, and i know that i shouldn't worry about it or be bothered by it. But I literally can't help it. So forgive me for being different. Thanks to the person who made the "Close" joke. OR if you were even making a joke. Regardless, i found it relatively funny and it made me giggle.

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That would bug me so much!

thehappycamper 13

OCD much? I get the same compulsion too.


That would bug me so much!

mariri9206 32

Same! Can you imagine having a bestie who normally just leaves cabinets open? I'm used to at her house now but, if she does it at my house, I have to close it immediately.

I can relate

ircs56 10

so why didn't you?

good thing you didn't. if he got mad it would have been a "close" call

thehappycamper 13

OCD much? I get the same compulsion too.

brendejafulable 41

ask the professor to close it.

You are not alone OP. Happens to me as well. Next time, ask or just do it. Better than spending an hour or so in a class and not learn anything.

Yeah, i dont think the professor will like you standing up in the middle of class and closing a damn door? may be seen as rude. Also a professor wont like it for you to interrupt his lesson to close a door...

yeah probably not but as a teacher you have to learn to deal with people's quirks. I'd rather interrupt a class for 2 seconds than miss an hour worth of lecture.

I share your pain. I work in retail and if the displays aren't square it drives me batty

Mathalamus 24

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lolhailsatan 23

congratulations?? c'mon man, what a useless comment

Mathalamus 24

just showing people what a normal non compulsive person is. apparently, im the only one.

Yes bc we all care how "normal" you are.

Allornone 35

That's kind of an odd stance from someone who begins his profile proclaiming how "unusual" he is. And since we're there, if you are indeed "trying to be nicer," you still need a little work. Just saying.

tarlax 11

Ignore him, he's a chronic pretentious idiot. Giving him attention just fuels his ego.

Not only useless, very rude and disrespectful. It seems like you are the "only" one because other people who don't share the experience realize it's rude to basically brag about not having it or try to minimize it.

Mathalamus 24

unusual doesn't necessarily mean that i am compulsive. just unusual in a very different way. and the fact that i have a very, very low amount of social skills make the job harder. i am a nice person, but its not out in the open, for obvious reasons.

no. you are not very nice at all. to me this comment is making fun of people and makes you seem like you think you are above and better than others. this was very unnecessary of you.

You made a good job showing people what an asshole is like. Have you patted yourself in the back today?

Ah. I didn't know "normal" people got every single one of their comments downvoted like you do every time you comment on an FML. Says more about you than us.