By Lola987 - 18/03/2019 00:00

Today, on my birthday, I tried to be a good girlfriend by making sure my boyfriend of 3 years alarms were set for work on his phone. Noticed he’s back to talking to his ex as the messenger bubble had her face in it.. He was asking for boob pictures...FML
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So I was checking up on my boyfriend, I had the 'checking alarms' lie ready in case he caught me snooping .......

Come on hon, that’s not why you were on his phone


So I was checking up on my boyfriend, I had the 'checking alarms' lie ready in case he caught me snooping .......

Come on hon, that’s not why you were on his phone

EmDizzle2007 28

**** are great. and maybe that's he feels her good for. every guy knows one chick who annoyed the ever living **** outta him, but she's got a nice ass or some other shit that helps him get off. it's not a statement on his dedication or affection for you, it's basically **** at this point.

There is a whole internet's worth of fantastic titty pictures for him to look at, and he doesn't have to bother anybody to get them or make his girlfriend think he's cheating. Not buying your statement EMdizzle

EmDizzle2007 28

you ain't gotta buy it man, I'm giving this information away for free. you don't have to like it, but it's a fact, nudes sent directly to you have a greater effect than random **** found out in the wild. didn't say she had to like it or deal with it, but she should talk to HIM first before running to social media.

He’s trying to get boob pics as a surprise for you.

Well, in this situation, I firmly (Oops! Didn't intend for the pun :-() believe that HE's the biggest boob in the room ... and elsewhere. Best of luck, OP, in your search to find a guy for your very worthwhile self who will actually give you the respect, attentiveness, & productive challenges to make you strive to be even better then now - with him demonstrating as to prove his worthiness and loyalty of such a classy "broad/ dame!" ("Lol" as to the equivalent of a "dish" [NOT a side-piece]) eg, "broad/ dame!") 'Night! --John

What does your birthday have to do with getting your boyfriend up for work and then snooping on his phone? Seems like someone needed an excuse to be on his phone as she already had suspicions he was cheating? And for added "aw we agree your life sucks" magic, added that you found this out on your birthday? drama. you. need. more?

Alayna Joyce Christensen 15

So, "Today, I used the excuse "I was just being a good girlfriend and setting your work alarms." I say excuse, because I was actually snooping on my boyfriends phone to see if he was cheating on me. This is how that FML would have been accurate. Girl, sounds like YDI.

seachelle 6

So I actually had a guy I was with hand me his phone and ask me to turn on his flashlight for him so he could look at something under the hood of his car that night. He gave me his passcode to unlock it and as it opened, his dating app popped right up because he hadn't closed it before giving me his phone. I didn't look through it, but seeing the app load up was enough. For those of you saying she deserved it for "snooping", you really don't know why she was on his phone. Considering how messenger bubbles take up part of the screen, even if she was doing exactly as she said, she still would've seen his ex on there, and, if she tried to move the bubble to set an alarm, she could've accidentally opened it. But either way, he shouldn't have been asking anyone for tit pics. If he wasn't, this FML wouldn't exist, snooping or not.

OP probably drove him to it. Who uses other people’s phones? What else does she do that causes him to ask his ex for pics?