By poppet2010 - 17/01/2010 15:58 - France

Today, my uncle died. It was also my grandpa's 85th birthday. His reaction to the death? "Best birthday gift ever!" FML
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xx_irish_rose_xx 0

wow thats really mean, i really hope the uncle that died wasnt HIS own son

WTF do the current events have to do with anything in people's families??? That's one of the dumbest things I've heard all week!! And who are you to judge and say the grandpa needs his arse kicked, much less by his grandson/granddaughter?? For all we know maybe the uncle was a total jerk who'd been a weight in the family all his life, hence the grandpa's feelings. He's too harsh maybe, but you expecting some young kid kicking some old guy is ridiculous. Think before you write idiocies.


Wow that's horrible.

zom_fml 10

Maybe he was just trying to have a sense of humour about a sad situation. Unless he really meant it, then that sucks :(

daydreamstar 7

maybe so, zom, but still.. you dont say things like that at a funeral..

dudeitsdanny 9

He didnt say it at a funeral.

There's no funeral. Please reinstall.

gatorgrl1988 0

I don't understand how gramps being happy your uncle died makes your life be fucked. sorry for your loss.

Vacant 7

Maybe the OP had a really close connection to the uncle and their grandpa saying that deeply hurt them? Who knows, it's just a sad thing to think about really.

marlenebby63 0

Wow. Thats Fcuked Up.

Wow that's one awesome old person!!!

rofl ya but still poor OP

lumuma 0

how is this an FML

more like FMD - fuck my death

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smencil123 0

Thats so mean, was it his son? What did he do to deserve that?!