By Herdad - 30/07/2009 11:34 - United States

Today, my two year old daughter did not want to leave the toy store, when I picked her up she started screaming at the top of her lungs, "YOU'RE NOT MY DADDY!". FML
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Bathory_fml 0

Just start screaming "I HAVE NO SON! " at the top of your lungs. That'll shut her up. Probably out of confusion, but still.

dzidziaud 5

Hahaha, that must have been fun. was your visit to the police station pleasant? :]


XD your daughter's smart..... at least she knows what to do in one of those situations....

SierraStabler 0

kidnapping situation or don't want to leave situation?

kidnapping XD But from the FML, the kidnapper could bribe her with toys.....

haha thats hilarious but what happened afterwards?

JournalKeeper 0

Lol you should've said well that mean you're not mine and I can leave you here then laughed

wow, that's an awesome little girl :).

That's roughly when I would have said 'well, I guess that means I never have to bring you here again.' and see what she said then. Gods, why are children such brats nowadays?

notapplicable123 0

Kids are such brats because they never get disciplined. They just call the child protection services.

Unfortunately. I surely hope if/when I ever get/have children, that I discipline them correctly and they don't turn out like...that.

Pff, all kids are brats. The ones who have parents that believe in Discipline with a capital D are usually the most fucked up.

And you think kids should just get a 'talking to'? I was disciplined, spankings included, as a kid, and the ONLY disorder it left me with was this horrible condition called respect for others and their property.

Are you...? that's a crucial part of the story........

can you not read?

He could be her stepfather. Extremely unlikely. But possible.

He can't be her step father...he used DAUGHTER in the OP. He would've used step-daughter if she was.

sireen 0

kids say the darnest things?

Ugh, that happened to my friend's wife. Her daughter yelled it in the grocery store and either a cop was there or the cops were called. Problem was they had just moved to Florida and she didn't have her new license yet and still had her NY one. She spend over half an hour sorting things out with the police. Not fun.

fxdxhk90 0

Beat the damn kid. Give her some discipline before this becomes her normal behavior and you're stuck with a spoiled demon kid.

Haha I would have been like okay BYE! Then walked away- most likely she would have ran after you screaming lol.

bi_chick 0

thats what I do when my girls do that.........i tell them im gonna leave their ass there since they aren't mine. and then they start crying for me not to leave them