By WTF - 22/04/2009 19:46 - United States

Today, my son and I were on an airplane playing "I Spy" to pass the time. The game went back and forth a few times when my son said, "I spy something yellow." After pointing out numerous yellow objects on the plane I gave up. He said, "Daddy! It's your teeth!" FML
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I was afraid you were gonna say he was pointing at an Asian person.

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You might need a toothbrush


KeithHarris 0

You might need a toothbrush

lol that's little kids for you. you might want to get that taken care of though.

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this isn't an FML, you deserve it for not brushing your teeth!!!

This isn't a comment, you deserve it for not thinking it out!

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Hate to say it, but why do you have yellow teeth? You can brush them, you know.

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they also invented these amazing things, there called toothpaste, floss and whitestrips.

Know I'm a bit late but, some people just can keep their teeth white. I brush three times a day, floss and use mouthwash, but my teeth are still yellow.

I was afraid you were gonna say he was pointing at an Asian person.

hahaha you win

Oh my God that is so freaking funny although I'm Asian.

My thoughts exactly! LOL.

that's not all that big of a deal... a bit of a lame FML...

What's the worst that could happen? He didn't say that out loud on the plane. Kids say ignorant things. If you want to get the best of this situation, how about you try to brush your teeth more?

#8 agreed. But hey those are the kinds of things you sign up for when you become a dad. Apparently when I was a young jasper I called my mom a cow.

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HAHAHA Funny Shit

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All little kids say things like that to their parents. It's funny and a bit of a self-esteem downer. but not really an FML.