By yooitscallo - 22/08/2015 07:30 - United States - Pekin

Today, I woke up from a dream in which my girlfriend gave birth to a litter of puppies. I can't even look at her now without getting nauseous. FML
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yooitscallo tells us more.

Haha, ironically the next day my girlfriend asked me if we could get a puppy, I couldn't even explain to her as to why I nearly threw up. Lol

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So, subconsciously, you think your girlfriend is a bitch?

Must have been a Ruff dream.


Buy some puppies!

Someone didn't read the FML.

or they did abd they trying to be a smart @$$

I've been told dreams are fears or desires, I'm glad that isn't a desire for you..

Or maybe he wanted a puppy.

Or maybe he thinks she is a bitch.. (The one that brings puppies to the world xP)

Must have been a Ruff dream.

Can you imagine if she did that in real life? What a bitch...

The miracle of dog birth

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well, no, because he clearly said he's nauseous now.

Interspecies erotica...

imagine him in inception

If you get nauseous about that...I hope you don't get her pregnant!

leogachi 15

@10 Watching her give birth to a human baby would probably be a lot less disturbing.

It might happen if they do it soggy style

Shouldn't good sex always be soggy? ;)

So, subconsciously, you think your girlfriend is a bitch?

Which makes you a dirty dog daddy

Did she also have as many tits as a dog?

Reminded me of that How I Met Your Mother episode with the back boobs.

Yiffing does not come without consequences.