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Today, I got a new babysitting job. Every time the little girl goes to the bathroom, she screams and cries until I wipe her. She's 7 years old. FML
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Her parents have obviously done a shitty job..

That's pretty inappropriate for that age. I would have called the parents and asked what was going on.


lennon_ 16

It would be pretty weird if you did.

LucasVDB 23

Haha I was trying to think up something quickly but I failed, I'll see myself out now...

moo77_fml 20

Maybe teach her how to do it herself.. Wet wipes to the rescue .. Good luck op

Wet wipes aren't flushable, though. Even when they say they are.

#2 has a piont. but use huggies flushable wipes. & #81 yes they are fushable you just got to be careful in which ones you use and how many. a child should only use 1-2.

Technically, yes, you can flush them. But all they'll do is clog up pipes. They don't break down. My uncle and cousin both run plumbing businesses, and have given me advice against them.

Her parents have obviously done a shitty job..

This is the first time I've seen such an upvoted comment with this pun.

Case in point: any time I have made any pun even remotely involving the word "shit," I get buried faster than an ancient secret treasure.

snarkytruth 37

I don't get it either. It's kind of a tradition to down vote that joke on FML. Maybe it's a little too real in this case.

#72 It's kinda a tradition to downvote every joke in FML...

Lol I honestly meant this with no pun intended, that's just kind of how it played out haha. I'm surprised myself I didn't get buried.

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Xquisite1 28

It's all about parenting. This isn't the normal behavior of an average 7 year old. This child has issues.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Is that a question or a statement? And normal kids don't behave like this. I definitely was able to wipe myself at 7. Most kids with responsible parents can wipe themselves at 7.

It was a statement but I put an emoji so it comes up as a question mark, it was supposed to be the laughing face to show I wasn't really serious

FML does not like Emoji's or Emoji users. FML does not like you. Good news though! We can put you in a rigorous 90 day emoji detox. FML loves people.

Girl, you are 18. I'm not saying your opinion on having kids will change for sure in the next 20 years, but it very well may. So "never" is a bit strong for such a statement.

I believe she said she's joking and even if she isn't, it's extremely shitty to tell people that like you know better than them. Really, what's the point of it other than making them feel like you are trying to act like you know them better? If they change their mind, they change their mind, you telling them does nothing.

Thankyou! As I stated in an above comment i said it jokingly... Jeez

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Jeez, Op's wiping the kids ass, not inappropriately touching her for self enjoyment. What do you expect the kid to do? Sit on the toilet until her parents get home?

#5, My cousin is a stay at home dad with a 5 year old daughter who is disabled and can't wipe herself. Is he a pedophile? Should he go to jail? What about her babysitter? Is she a pedophile and deserves to go to jail for wiping her?

My son is ten and autistic and doesn't have the physical coordination to wipe his ass. Is it illegal for his teacher to wipe his ass so he doesn't go around smelling like shit all day? Obviously these parents know their kid can't wipe, yet still hired OP.

So I take it you think your parents are pedophiles? Because they changed your diapers.

#5, Your comment makes me sick. Legit. I don't normally get angry at a commenter expressing their thoughts, but yours is so ******* absurd

#5: hate to say it, but you're a darn idiot. I feel sorry for your future children. Don't reproduce.

I feel like this was b8 and everyone took it

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I think we found the real pedophile. You are the only one with that mindset. If OP was wiping them and they were able and willing to wipe themselves then yes there would be an issue but the options in this situation as presented are A let the child cry and sit with shit and/or piss on them until their parents get home or B wipe them. You really wouldn't wipe them?

Dude chill if a kid can't wipe its ass you wipe it for them. That's the mature thing to do. If your that uncomfortable make them get in the shower vs wiping them.

My friends mother wiped him until he locked himself into the bathroom refusing to let her in. He was about eight. Don't worry op the child may get over it eventually.

That's creepy. Had to lock her out so he could do it himself?

My SIL wiped her youngest very long too. She would have wanted more kids but knew they wouldn't be able to manage a fourth child, so she had a hard time letting go of certain aspects. It didn't go so far that locking her out was necessary though, she just didn't actively encourage the kid to do the wiping. Anyways, might be a similar reason for that case. Though way more over the top.

The parents could've at least warned you about what you were getting yourself into.

LalapaloozaChick 14

are her parents still doing this for her, or is she just using you?

ChopSuey444 20

That's exactly what I was thinking, she could very well know how to do it but just wanted to make the babysitter. Being seven and just now realizing you have the power to make up some rules for someone new could be tempting.

That's pretty inappropriate for that age. I would have called the parents and asked what was going on.

That, my friend, is the proper response. It doesn't appear that she is physically unable to wipe herself; she seems to be actively refusing to do so.