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Today, my mom parked in a handicapped space because, "the Spanish people are taking over everything." FML
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Gross. She's probably a Trump supporter.

I would argue that there are plenty of racist assholes that also support Bernie, but looks like it's true due to her name.

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Why is it that whenever anyone criticizes Trump, there's always that one defensive guy who brings up Clinton or Sanders as a retort? It's not even relevant and you don't have to support any of them.

The point is that every candidate has its nut job supporters. Some more than others. *cough couph* "overturn roe vs wade Cruz"

At least trumps better than Bernie or Hillary. I really hope it's not trump, but way less than I hope it's not Bernie or Hillary.

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What does this have to do with him? Completely irrelevant.

48, he wants to take money out of refugee aid to build a wall between the US and Mexico. The only possible FML that's more relevant to Trump than being weirdly angry/racist at Spanish people and having a terrible plan for expressing that might be "today somebody mistook my toupee for a guinea pig".

Oh is that his plan now? Last I heard he told everyone he was going to somehow make Mexico pay for it.

Actually, as much as we should stop funding refugees, if Trump gets elected, he's making Mexico pay for the wall. Which is a pretty good idea

I figured out the reason why conservatives are so hated here.. this app is all liberals, because while conservatives are out making their lives better, liberals just sit and complain about it while waiting for someone else to do it for them. Makes perfect sense. Dislike it up, socialists.

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Well, I would have to agree with mswim. While I'm feeling the Bern, I've still noticed that there are plenty of racist/sexist bigots within his supporter demographic as well. Though those are mainly haters of whites and males, while this FML was focused on the Hispanics.

Everyone's a little bit racist, sometime.

Yes, but this is not racism. Please stop using this word for everything.

Well it's clear the Spanish invasion has come. The signs were there all along...

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Your ignorance is not needed here, whether it was a joke or not.

The Spanish have already invaded America. About 450 years ago.

It's slightly funny how people who complain that Trump makes stupid generalizations when they do the same about his voting base. To clarify; not a fan of him, just pointing something out.

She didnt make a stupid generalisation though #26 she simply stated a fact.

Yes so because I support him because I agree with a lot of things that he is saying makes me stupid, okay. He's never said anything racist by the way but since you're clearly more intelligent than I am you can tell that him saying illegal immigrants doesn't mean that he hates Mexicans.

You support his ideas, his ideas are stupid, you see how this goes? The confusion over this doesn't help your case.

Not as stupid as a Bernie or Hillary supporter.

#41 so banning Muslims from entering the United States isn't racist?

57, Islam isn't a race. Also, when a large portion of them are killing us. a temporary ban isn't the worst thing we can do.

He was literally sacked from NBC for racist comments. He's gone full Godwin's Law and said that Muslims should have to wear "identifying clothing" - perhaps a yellow star, then? At this point if you think he hasn't said anything racist, either you're not listening to his actual words because you want that to be true, or you yourself hold enough racist beliefs that his verbal diarrhea falls within your threshold of what seems acceptable.

It helps to see demonwolfs comment on another FML saying that "******* Muslims" have the least understanding religion. Doesn't help them in trying to prove they're not stupid, though.

I support Hillary Clinton for prison 2016

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That makes as much sense as Trump becoming president.

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition! Lol

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A good, "I just didn't feel like walking" would've sufficed.