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Well, if I had a house, I would have stored it all, but I used my inheritance to go to college. I was 19 and they offered to store it.
By buysavings - / Monday 21 September 2009 01:22 / United States
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  love15_fml  |  8

yeah you should

1. see if you can get the items back
2. make the aunts pay for a storage place with the earnings so they can't sell any more!!

*note I posted this already lower on the page twice accidenaly (and yes, I realize I spelled that wrong but I think you can figure out what it says)

By  Intoxicunt  |  5

I would take pics of them sleeping and sell those. Or just sell them.
This reminds me of a movie I vaguely remember with Rose McGowan in it playing some obsessed chick...

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