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  slinger_wood  |  4

I doubt it in Great Britain we may have bad teeth but we are mostly a Civilised bunch,
Unlike our Yankee Cousins over the Pond who supposedly up until recently were allowed to Marry there own Sisters and Marriages amongst Cousins are very common especially in the Southern States,
Where not Marrying a Family member is often frowned upon. ( so I read on the Internet so it must be true )

By  biasedshooter  |  24

It is presenting itself as a fact, there's a button that says "i agree that's historical" and the section is "historical fmls." There's obviously a large section of your user base that disagrees with you if 3 of the first 12 comments are people saying they dislike the category and another 3 comments are a fml employee arguing with the people who dislike it.

By  Cauldroup  |  13

These historical FMLs weren't a good idea.

  Marcella1016  |  31

I kinda like the photo ones. I find them funny. But confused about the process. Do we submit captions for photos they give us and the funniest one gets published, or do they just find funny photos for existing FMLs and they get published?