By Satch - 16/03/2016 09:04 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, my girlfriend of 5 years gave me the "I'm not in love with you anymore" speech. I saw it coming, so I'd planned to play it cool by saying, "If you're sure it's something we can't fix, I'd rather not talk about it". After a while, I realised I was just sitting there like a child, fidgeting and shaking. FML
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Satch_fml tells us more.

FML Dear all, this is OP. The world (including the Internet) always shows its true beauty when you need it most. These comments have truly helped me through a tough few days. It's hard to include all the context of a situation in just 300 characters, I guess I consider myself a strong person so I was just wanting to get across the point that I never thought I'd show so much emotion to something like this, regardless how much I truly love her. To add some context when I say "I saw it coming" I meant in the sense of a day not weeks, she'd given me the "We need to talk in person" text earlier in the day. Everyone on here has been amazing, I'm not phased by the "Man up" comments, as I said before there isn't a lot of context in 300 characters, to update you all I'm doing fine. I'll get through this. Life requires us to forgive, forget and move on. I always carry a 'shit happens' attitude and a knowledge that everything will be fine given time. I'm focusing on the positives of the situation, at least now I can date/marry someone with a rich family and a lucrative career.

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Even when it's expected, it's always hard to react as you planned when it's something that effects you so much on an emotional level. Hang in there!

I'm sorry bro. Really am. You need a stranger to talk to I'm here


nonsensical 26

Even when it's expected, it's always hard to react as you planned when it's something that effects you so much on an emotional level. Hang in there!

Pretend I posted the kitty poster in this space.

I'm sorry bro. Really am. You need a stranger to talk to I'm here

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He needs a puppy

Correction several puppies

You heard them! Get this man a barrel of puppies, stat!

Mommy and daddy say don't talk to strangers…

How about one REALLY REALLY adorable puppy? (The one in my profile pic to be precise)

Mine's more adorable :P and also, why not a barrel full of REALLY REALLY adorable puppies.

Infinite are the arguments of dog owners over the best breed and cuteness :P

I prefer muts over any other type of dog. Plus in my experience they have less health problems and live longer lives.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#52 In general, that's actually not true. (I'm not trying to argue with you, it's just that a lot of people believe the myth that mutts as a whole are healthier than purebred dogs). Here's why they're not. Purebreds that come from a reputable breeder that health tests properly and does everything they're supposed to, are in general quite healthy because the breeder is doing everything possible to breed the best dogs and lines together to minimize health and behavioral problems later in life. Of course, purebred dogs often have health issues specific to their breed that crop up, but professional breeders work to correct this. I'm not referring to BYBs that throw dogs together and churn out puppies to make a profit. I'm talking about the breeders who love their dogs and want to better the breed as a whole - and often lose money. I have absolutely nothing against mutts (except when unscrupulous people attempt to breed and sell them as "designer dogs"), most every animal I've ever owned has been a mixed breed besides my current dog and my horse. However, with mixes, you often don't know their background. So, potentially, they could have the health issues of both/all of the breeds in their ancestry. It's a crap chute at best when it comes to any dog's health, though. Sorry, I'll get down from my soapbox now! I don't comment much anymore but I really wanted to make this comment, for those that find it interesting. :)

It will pass, of you'd made a decision to not get back, stick on to it OP. The fact that your losing her will make you want to do a lot of things that you might regret later.

Five years. Hrm. You can't be prepared for something like that even if you think you are. Something in a highly emotional situation like that can't exactly be the easiest thing. Sorry for that to happen bud. But hey, now you can find someone new and better! When you're ready of course.

You need to find another girlfriend and forget that bitch so soon

Why on earth would you assume she's a bitch? People don't always stay in love. OP said nothing about her being a bitch about it. And after 5 years, I would think OP needs time before just getting another girlfriend.

askullnamedbilly 33

I know you were just trying to support OP by insulting his ex girlfriend, but it's really inappropriate. She sat down and explained to him that the relationship wasn't working out anymore. That sounds exactly like what you're supposed to do in that situation.

She's a bitch because she didn't lead him on or start cheating on him while pretending to still be in love ? Makes sense. And girl's are not cars, you don't just get a new one and forget about the one you had before. I doubt OP really wants to get with someone new after ending a five years long relationship.

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She did the responsible thing by telling him when she started getting those feelings. Just because you start dating someone doesn't mean you'll be together forever. She did the right thing.

Lots of things don't go as planned. Just let it go, and don't let it get to you. I hope you have fun being single (if you are)!

Be a man. Talk it out, don't avoid something that needs or happen because it's uncomfortable.

Ugh cut the crap with the whole "be a man" bullshit. Men have feelings and should be able to express them and be upset without being emasculated. Don't be a dick.

askullnamedbilly 33

They DID talk it out, what more do you want? Should OP rip off his shirt, pound on his chest and pee on her to show an appropriate amount of masculinity? He and his girlfriend just ended a five year relationship. Even if he saw it coming and didn't avoid the issue, it's a big life change. He has a right to be distressed about it. The only reason he probably thought he had to 'play it cool' is because of people like you who tell men that it's girly or gay to have feelings.

I don't see why he needs to talk it out anyway? I think op's way of going about it was perfectly fine. If the relationship could be saved, he was willing to talk about it, but if it was too late it would probably just cause more pain.

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unfortunately, society is against you. as are some of the more "manly" men. i myself support the "manly" man image, because it trains me to get over things myself without support. rather useful.

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While I don't see anything wrong with wanting to be a manly man, letting your "manly" demeanor become too important is unhealthy. Holding all your emotion back without properly coping will eventually harm your psyche and you'll wind up having an intense emotional breakdown.

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I think #7 meant OP should be a man and talk about it. OP said he had planned to say, "If it's something we can't fix I don't want to talk about it." No talking about his feelings will probably take OP longer to get over his girlfriend because he will be thinking about all the things he could have and should have said after the fact. Break ups are hard, that macho bullshit just makes it harder to have a good relationship in the future because of all the things 'macho' men bury instead of dealing with them properly.

Mathalamus 24

I went through that alright. Emotional breakdowns are nasty. But I lived, so it's ok. Now I know how to prevent it from happening again. Besides, I never got any support anyway, so I had to do it all myself.

Real manly men are the ones who stand up and fight for things they think are right, who don't let fear and foolish pride get in the way of going ahead, taking the risk, and getting what they need. Manly men let themselves have feelings, because they know that they won't be ridiculed, because everybody has feelings. They talk about things, to make it better. They cast away doubt, have ambition, and travel to places they have never been before, because they are true explorers. They stand by the ones they love, and get away from those who hurt them. They don't cast away everybody, they ask for help when they need it. They give as much, even more, than they take. They are kind. Generous. Helpful, unlike many people in the world today. So tell me, #42 and #30, what is actually a manly man, and what is not? Society is not against OP as a whole, it just sounds like you are.

Dear OP, Yesterday, March 15, my girlfriend of 5 years broke up with me. Im not sobbing or eating ice cream, as i was planning to breakup with her in a non dooshy way for the past year. Me and my friend had just come back from school and we sat down and decided to ask my girlfriend what was wrong with her sister. (She was caught smoking weed in school). We were both watching the text page, waiting for her to text back. She finally said "I have to tell you something." I said "Ok." Then she said "I think we should just be friends." I said "Thats fine." And proceeded to block her on everything. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, even! Hope you take it as good as me, -KoolCids007 (BTW She kinda beat me to the punchline of my own joke.) (I have not gotten a reason for this.) (Im skipping school today.)

Ugh. I hate it when my ex agrees to be friends with me and then refuses to talk to me afterwards. Couldn't you at least tell her that you were going to block her? This has happened to me three times; two of those times, they were my best friend before the relationship started, and it did ****-all for my self-worth when they refused to acknowledge me once we stopped having sex (we were usually friends-with-benefits afterwards, because having sex with someone you've mutually broken up with is great).

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Expecting it and hearing it are two very different things. It cuts so much deeper once it actually comes out of the person's mouth. Your reaction is understandable. So sorry for the pain OP.

I'm sorry OP. That is awful . My sincere condolences .