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  FMLusername969  |  21

But that's not "love". When i met my husband i found out what "love" truly is. I remember having that feeling earlier on in life but when i really fell in love I realized i never loved any of my exes. True story.

  LeashaJoy5595  |  28

I think for me, it was being in love with the memories and who he was then. But people change. I think it's impossible to currently love an ex unless you spend a lot of time with them. I mean, I don't know about you guys, but I haven't talked to my ex in years, I don't even know who he is anymore. But really, you'll know the difference from loving someone, to being INlove with the right guy.

  AninOnin  |  24

My ex broke up with me, and I still love him... Just not in a romantic sense anymore. I'm with someone else now, and I may be IN love with him (not sure yet xD) but I know that if I do fall in love, if we ever break up, I'll still love him. Just, again, not necessarily romantically.

By  Michael903  |  18

Time to let her go back to her ex so you can find somebody worthy of your time. He was an ex for a reason. She'll remember soon enough...then you can have the last laugh!!

  JayGatsby  |  25

To be honest, I don't think OP's girlfriend is being really bitchy. Breaking up with someone is hard and there is no pleasant way to do it, and although I do sympathize with OP, his girlfriend wasn't rude about it. I don't agree with her logic, but I still think this was one of the better breakups (still, my condolences and FYL, OP)

By  odamaliekh  |  26

Before you break up with her over this, please talk to her. If she really still is in love with her ex, that is a dealbreaker. But she could have meant that you never forget the people you have loved in the past.

Oh, who am I fooling.. Dump her.

  KawaiiPinkie  |  11

You have a good point. You never forget someone you have loved in the past, weather it's because someone bullied the poor guy because of you or if it's because the fucker ruined your life.