By LittleRed79 - 11/11/2014 08:03 - Canada

Today, my cat tunneled her way under the covers to sleep beside me. It was really cute until she panicked in the middle of the night and practically skinned me alive trying to find her way out. FML
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Umm...yeah, so she wasn't suffocating at all, this is just her own particular brand of crazy. She's a rescue and she's terrified of EVERYTHING. There was a loud noise next door that spooked her so evidently she decided that she needed to though she wasn't hidden enough already. The best part for me was when she tried to tunnel her way back in about 5 minutes later. Couldn't help laughing!

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Maybe your cat was suffocating under the blanket, or maybe you farted really bad, or maybe your cat had a nightmare, or maybe you were sleeping and talked in a creepy way and hit her while asleep. You never know, there are many reasons why your cat suddenly turned into a psycho!

It's just a cat. Cats suck so OP deserves it for getting one. You also wouldn't let the devil in your house, so why let a cat in?

Because cats are actually pretty calm creatures. Something had to have riled her up for her to react in such a way.

#32 doesn't have a cat! My kitten sleeps with me every night. Every three days or so he'll wake up between 3 - 6 am and bite and dig his claws into my leg or foot. Lol just today my sister got her braces pulled out by my kittens.

Something did rile her up, #32, she got claustrophobic.

No, it felt perfectly fine and OP wishes to experience it again.

she was obviously suffocating. its ops fault for allowing their cat to sleep with no air and thinking it would be ok.

#25, That makes no sense. Why wouldn't you let the devil into your house?

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#67- My dog sleeps under my massive pile of covers on my bed every night, she's never had an issue getting enough oxygen down there. Blankets are very porous and usually allow adequate airflow.

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#60 That's because it's a kitten... Cmon, think about what you're saying here. Cats really calm down once they're about 1 1/2, 2 years old.

When OP woke up they were probably "What the 'cat' is going on?!" I'll lead myself out

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No offense #15, But I have absolutely no idea what this was supposed to mean.


"Cat" doesn't rhyme with "****." "Cat" doesn't rhyme with "hell." "Cat" doesn't rhyme with "shit." "Cat" doesn't rhyme with "heck." What word was cat supposed to replace? That might be the worst attempt at a pun I've seen not only on FML, but in my entire life.

You guys take the comment section waaay too seriously.

Trust me, that would just create a different problem.

Definitely would. I have two kittens, one sleeps with me every night. The other sleeps with my sister. If we try and make them sleep elsewhere. They will sit outside our door, scratch it and cry. I feel your pain OP. Every other day my kitten either wakes me up, by purring and trying to lay on my head. Or various versions of this morning, for example. Digging in all of their claws into the bottom of my foot. Biting it and chasing my foot around, until I reunite him with his brother.

#26 stop commenting hating on cats. You're in the minority on this

What's wrong with being a minority. Cats suck! That's my opinion and obviously the same with some others. No one should stop commenting cause you or someone else doesn't like their opinion.

I lock my cat out of my room at night. I'm deaf so he can't bother me about it

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My cat knows how to open doors and windows. If I lock her out of the bedroom, she goes outside and taps a piece of metal on the windowsill until I let her in.

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Best solution: Get another cat.

#35 obviously is not a pet owner. Or if they are they're not a good one. I would ever give up my pets, just to trade them in for a new one. Can't speak for everyone. But most people I know. Dogs, cats, hamsters etc. When you buy a pet, it's for life. My kittens have become a part of my family. I've grown as attached to them, as they've grown to me. As well as all my dogs too. I find people like you disgusting. People like you who get a pet. Then trade it in. Get rid of it because you can't afford them. Whatever. It's your fault we have sooo many being put down every day.

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#27 So if I would advise you not to get a snake, would that mean I hate snakes?

My cat can tear open my door (wooden folding door) even if i lock it with a brick in front. Most cats CAN and WILL find a way to bother you. You cant stop them, just sumbit and hope they spare you. I say most because some cats are well behaved.

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My kitty loved to try and suffocate me while I slept by sleeping on my face. Cute but not pleasant to breathe in fur

She was just testing out her new scratching post.

Violent pussy is good for no one. This is why I don't trust cats. Always plotting to take us out .

What? No way are they planning to take us out. I for one am always grateful for cats no matter what they do. *whispers* They're always watching. Always looking. Run.

Little beady eyed bastards.... I'm going to get a big mechanical mouse to chase cats away.

My cat enjoys sleeping under the sheets with me like that too. Tightly tucked sheets can be extremely dangerous!

I'm sure you've had better nights in bed. I would hope anyways.

That's horrifying. I wouldn't speak to the meow for all of tomorrow... lol I love cats. But scratches can really hurt!