By Megan - 17/08/2012 07:30 - United States - Fayetteville

Today, I was doing my laundry and I saw a dollar bill at the bottom of the washer. I excitedly dove in to retrieve the money, and promptly hit and broke my nose on the washer. FML
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You broke your nose over a dollar...


FMLandurstoo 9
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Your profile pic + your comment = WIN!!

29 - Your profile pic suggests you could be a bitch. (I like where this thread could be heading).

cantthinkofshit 5

Think about it.. Diving for a dollar.. Stereotypically Jews are cheap and get excited over the sight of a penny.. Also they have big noses... I imagine yours got a little swollen after hitting it... Jesus is trying to tell you something!

There's your down payment on the corrective procedures on your nose. Op, your life definitely sucks. (I already pushed the button for that.)

Your profile pic fits the comment. Haha

Congrats! You earned a dollar, and you now have to pay a $100 to fix your nose.

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Sounds like you had a flash back of your days as a stripper...DIVE FOR THAT DOLLAR!!! Seriously though you should get those under control, maybe keep something like this from happening again ;)

soccergurrll 8

You broke your nose over a dollar...

Ah Judaism. No, it's okay, I'm Jewish.

Well it's a dollar less on the copay at the hospital!

not just "A" dollar, it was a free one. lol

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Imagine if it had been a $20!!! Her whole face might have just burst into flames...

Wouldn't the dollar bill have been ruined after going the ought the wash?

No, the washer is where we keep our dollars

Its made of cotton so they wont tear in water

MindFreakazoid 10

Going the ought the wash? Interesting words there.

KiddNYC1O 20

I hope the washer is fine, you selfish person.

You're going to need to find many more to pay for your broken nose

You must have dove pretty fast to break your nose, that must've hurt!

You dove into a washer for a dollar? FYL indeed my friend.

Michael_92 20

Hey now that's a dollar. I could get an Arizona Tea or even a 99¢ Coke.

Ya, but I'd rather go without tea than have to go to the hospital... even though I do love the tea!

This is a sign of how bad the economy is. We're willing to risk bodily injury for one measly dollar.