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Today, I met my boyfriend's mother for the first time. She greeted us holding a baby, and I told her how cute her son was. She told me that it was her grandson. Turns out my boyfriend is the father. We're 16. FML
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My kids were having kids by the time I was 14

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*muffled voice* lmao ****** funny

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Im your boyfriends babys momma

Let's be positive and hope the child is her boyfriend's brother or sister's. Which would also make it the mom's grandson. If not, op i would probably just breakup with that guy. There is no need for you to worry about a bf with a child at such a young age. Seriously there are so many guys out there, why not find a guy who's just as great and doesn't have a kid, rather than settling with one who does.

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# 83...the OP says the baby is her boyfriends....

@#83 > Today, I met my boyfriend's mother for the first time. She greeted us holding a baby, and I told her how cute her son was. She told me that it was her grandson. ***Turns out my boyfriend is the father.*** We're 16. FML

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Wait. Did you say before YOU were 14

damn he F'd his life really quickly and young

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A grandson can also be a son of a daughter.

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And in some bizarre cases your own son :x Which is what they meant in previous comments #4, thanks for playing, try again next time.

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#112 Shelby? I didn't know you knew of this site. Since when?

How did he not tell you?! D: I wish I knew what happened next ;_;

I lol'd. Time to pack your shit methinks. Unless you really really really like him

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To Hell with really really really liking him, if he had any decency, he would have told you long before now. At least he is in his child's life,

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Eh, unless they haven't been dating long and that WAS his way of telling her. Too bad the kid isn't old enough to talk , "excuse me ma'am, will you be my mommy?" Good luck with your decision making, I would promptly GTFO. I know it works on TV, but if he's actually responsible about the situation he has probably had to grow up very quickly and at 16 you probably won't be on the same level. Let alone, do you really want to have that added responsibility too?

I think what people are missing is that the boyfriend had a baby with someone ELSE. Possibly during the time that he was dating this girl, if they were together for a long while now. I'm pretty sure that THAT's the FML the OP is referring to.

I don't think they're together for that long if this is the first time she meets his mother, hm?

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or maybe he had the baby with his mother...? *GASP*

11, Could be but I read it as that he didn't tell her that he had a child.

I don't think "THAT" is the FML at all, as you so eloquently put it. More the fact that her 16-year-old boyfriend had a baby he didn't tell her about, no reason to go digging deep on this one...

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Based on what? 16 year old men and women **** all the time, get knocked up all the time, and have kids all the time. What makes this particular one fake? That the babydaddy's momma had the child with her? Please reply, I would like to know.

they're hardly men and women at 16.... and where the hell do you come from if kids are having babies "all the time"???

or often enough that calling fake is really stupid

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I come from a place and a country where teen pregnancies are common enough to be worth noting. No one ever gets pregnant in England?

Wow. May I suggest birth control? And a new bf?