By OwieOwie - United Kingdom - Tewkesbury
Today, my gallstones flared up so badly an ambulance was called. I needed the strongest painkillers they could supply and had even more at the hospital. When my boyfriend came to visit me, instead of comforting words, he told me that "being kicked in the balls is still worse". FML
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It really does, but there are things that cause worse pain, such as gallstones, and childbirth. Also, guys who willingly let themselves get hit in the nuts are idiots. It's pretty dangerous.

  Alup132  |  22

Trust me, it hurts like hell, some guys just want to be sadists or something. Someone tossed an empty water bottle at my leg to mess me up yesterday when a couple of friends and I were playing video games in one of their dorms, and she missed and hit my crotch, right on my ballsack. Granted, it was light so it didn’t hurt for too long, but it’s still pretty painful for what any other area wouldn’t even feel pain. Now, if you’ve ever been kicked by mistake while playing sports, punched, etc. you can actually throw up, I’ve even heard of people passing out from it.

  ohsnapword  |  21

I'm going to assume that getting hit in the balls hurts way more than childbirth. I know plenty of sane women who want to have multiple children. I've never met a man of sound mind who ever wanted to get hit in the balls.

  ohsnapword  |  21

Yes, 18 years of misery.

By  Mungolikecandy  |  19

When you feel better give him a good kick in the balls.