By bsaucedo - 28/07/2009 05:00 - United States

Today, I was at the Wild Animal Park. There were bees everywhere. One brave bee, thinking he was Mr. Macho, flew right down my tank top in between my boobs. I freaked the hell out and ended up screaming and pulling down my shirt to get the bee out. I flashed about 10 kids and their families. FML
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bsaucedo tells us more.

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who says my tank top was low cut and my cleavage was showing ? my shirt doesnt need to be low cut for a bee to fly in. so you deserve to be run over :)


Most importantly: Do you have nice boobs? PS: Bet it was a HORNet. No?

Even so, I highly doubt that was what was on the bees mind...

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I'm pretty sure she didn't know if the bee was male or female; "Mr. Macho" doesn't really clarify. I highly doubt she checked the bee for gender. And it's still an insect down your shirt and moving around and flashing random people which would be an FML for me.

ninaaftermath: You deserve to be thrown naked into the middle of the streets and have rocks and rotten vegetables thrown at you, you stupid, useless troll. GOD I'm sick of you, and I'm guessing everyone else is as well.

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hahaha i think you would be a lot of fun to date

Number 18, you're an idiot. Any bee outside the nest is female, but not everyone knows this. She anthropomorphized it as male. Get over it. Back to the OP, don't feel bad. When it comes to flashing people or getting a bee sting it's OK to take the flashing.

The OP must be a hell of a smart ass if she can be able to psychoanalyze the bee. She even dummied it down for us by using words like "Mr. Macho."

Pics or it didn't happen. ROFL. Seriously, pics.

Doubt her tittys are nice, they are probably small other wise the OP would have worn a bra and then it's not an FML. If they are then it's not like those kids will never watch **** when they are older. I say f the bee's life, it was probably as freaked out as you were, just looking like less of an idiot.

WAP's a hellhole for yellow jackets. I've been there once, and not only is it a ******* bitch to navigate, it's absolutely chock-full of 'em, especially around the restaurants. (We sat down at the table and by the time we left, I had taken 2 bites of a hot dog and 1 chip - we had a total of 6 yellow jackets land on our food and fly into our cups. We just had to pack everything into a bag and eat it on the go.) I recommend the SDZ instead. No bees in sight and the animals are much more interesting.

u deserved it for being a hoe and wearing a tank top. just sayin...

what do you call a bee that makes milk? a boo-bee!!!! hahahahahahaha

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I-piss-glitter. It looks as if you have some nice ones so what if she has small ones they are more fun as they don't often sag to your thighs

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Well if you had nice boobs, it wouldn't be a problem, apart from the indecent exposure :/ FYL

U should of just squeesed them together.. That would of been better anway

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When I die I hope its like that :)

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Geting crushed between boobs, it would be the most awsome death ever.

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They were just looking for a bit of sugar. ;-)

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Smh...Fail im pretty sure you ment honey

You fail too... ;) Bees don't collect honey, they produce it.

Mmmmm...boobies... Now that that is out of the way. Your being able to prevent yourself from a bee sting is more important than people seeing your breasts. The only problem with it lies with the backwardness of the U.S. when it comes to nudity, so you might have gotten some crap from the abundance of prudes. Most states/cities have no laws against baring breasts so at least you shouldn't have been able to get charged with anything.

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With the exception of your judgemental tone and negative ussage of the word prude, I agree that her avoidance of being stung is more important. Therefore, making the act of flashing completely forgivable and understanding. I would have done the same thing.

Prude is in general a negative word. Just sayin.

@74 Just speaking the truth, when a country can be essentially shut down due to an exposed breast there isn't any nicer way to put it.

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It didn't always have a negative connotation #128, but that wasn't really the point I was making. It just cracks me up that people throw that word around in an attempt to offend and or hurt someone's feelings, especially when you look up the definition. It's funny to me that people really use it as an insult. Regardless, I'm sure people figured out what the OP's problem was and they most likely understood.