By colorguard13 - 02/04/2013 00:15 - United States - Maryville

Today, I was telling my aunt that I had achieved my blue belt in karate. Looking at my short hair, she says, "You're going to end up a lesbian." Thanks Aunt L. Love you too. FML
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No, she doesn't use FML. I just didn't want to out and say her name.

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Karate chop her homophobic ass!

What does being a lesbian have anything to do with making it to a blue belt? Enjoy the progress you've made and ignore your grandma, OP.

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#2, you're not supposed to use your karate skills to fight name-calling, only real physical attacks. You could lose your mojo in the dojo.

Don't loose you mojo at the dojo! She's just a mofo... ;)

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#52, damn, I thought I made that up!

I wouldn't say that her aunt is homophobic, just because she associates short hair and self defense with being a lesbian. I'd say she just stereotypes people.

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I love how physical features are constantly attribute to sexuality, and then people act like that'd be a bad thing even if it was true. Who gives a shit if you "end up a lesbian?" I doubt your hair & passion for martial arts would have anything to do with it.

Older generations are a lot more conservative than our very liberal generation. Try not to take it to heart OP. Back in her day girls were supposed to have long hair and not know a thing about fighting. Congrats on learning self defense I bet your hair looks awesome.

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Couldn't have said it better!

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Very liberal generation? In the U.S?

Not quite sure how learning self defense is liberal. Though if anything it would be the other way around. Didn't you see those rape tips that some liberal college posted? Instead of fighting back you should vomit or urinate... WTF? (NOTE: I realize that the people who wrote those tips are more extreme, I'm not trying to paint all liberals as being this way) But regardless I don't view karate as being a partisan sport, I don't see why you drug ideology into it.

Didn't you know? Aunt L. is a karate master. She sees that you're ready physically but are you ready mentally? It's a test and as long as you ignored and kept a steady posture against her insults, you'll pass. *bows head*

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Get her in a Scissors Lock and tell her you won't let go until she takes it back. However, after scissoring your aunt for a while, you may prove her to be correct!

At least it wasnt a grandma this time

Grandma's taking a nap right now, she's exhausted from all of her mischief making and is recharging. She'll be back.

I'd pray that that last tidbit about the order wasn't necessary but you know people these days...haha

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I'm a black belt so.. I'll tell you. Blue is like the middle level belt

it goes white, yellow,blue & i forget the rest

Its not middle, its starting to get high, green or even orange is middle.

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It depends on the style. Mine goes white, blue, green, brown, black. A similar style goes white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, black.