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  Ckpa23  |  0

One thing I hate is that people say they hate PS3's because they're huge. Well, that's just something bigger to smack you in the face with.

  michalch98  |  4

Lol ^
Another reason why XBOX is better . Xbox can grill cheese;) trust me. all you have to dp is cram it into the disk drive plug it in and after 30 min you hava a nice grilled cheese

  Poke_my_mon  |  0

Woo, at least we can agree on something. People who spell things wrong are LE STUPEED.

Mr. Sadist Monkey... the reason that guy is an idiot... is because he called someone else an idiot... while spelling something wrong. Isn't it common knowledge by now that if you are to insult someone, you must do it perfectly, with no way to be retaliated against... (except by trolls.)

  repyourcliche  |  0

just because you can't spell doesn't necessarily mean you're an idiot/thick, same as if you can =/= intelligent.

stop nitpicking shit like that all the time, it is annoying.


I once knew this guy who spelled Squirrel, 'squral' body, "boty," rescue, 'resque' and tulips, 'twolips' HAH. No joke. When you spell things THAT terribly it does make you look uneducated and like a fool.

  Vedder  |  0

This has less to do with spelling, but more to do with pronunciation. I went to high school with a girl who pronounced everything that contained a 'th' with a 'd', which I know isn't all that uncommon, but it seemed like every 2nd word she'd use had a 'th' in it. For instance, "I talked to my mudder the udder day." Totally not related, but funny no less. Thanks for reading!

By  g1user  |  0

I'm pretty sure that The new ps3s have disc trays now I got the old version so I don't see that one pullin in chesse , cheese is too flimsy for the ps3 to pull plus the gap is covered with a fine brush

  Domin8r08  |  0

Guess what, I've had my 'Red Ring of Death Box' for years and it has yet to have Red Ringed on me so...GET YOU SOME! (Although it would be hilarious if, when I tried to turn my Box on now, that it would Red Ring).

  bugmenotmofo  |  34

The PS3 has free online play, we have Uncharted, Killzone, Infamous, Warhawk, Little Big Planet, Buzz, MAG, Metal Gear Solid (Well, not anymore) etc. so it evens out, and the PS3 won't get a RROD (which 10%-50% of Xboxes get). Plus, Microsoft overcharges for a lot of things. Let me give you an example: On the Microsoft website, they charge $150 for a 120 GB hard drive. On the PS3, you can use any 2.5 inch hard drive you want. So you can buy a new 120 GB hard drive for your PS3 for about $50. Or you can buy a 750 GB hard drive for your PS3 for the same price as a 120 GB hard drive for your 360.