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Today, after 6 years, two raises and a promotion, thanks to student loans I make less disposable income than I did when I first started this job. FML
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At least you're making more money, otherwise you'd be hard pressed to pay off your loans, and end up even further in debt.


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ColonelCusswords 24

The excrement in question is one of great absurdity, my dear gentleman or lady.

At least you're making more money, otherwise you'd be hard pressed to pay off your loans, and end up even further in debt.

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And the loans won't last forever. When they are paid off OP will have tons of money.

Well at least you have a way to pay them off

Keep in mind that those student loans got you that job (I'm assuming). And if you have a good job is there a chance to refinance them at a lower interest rate?

That sucks OP, if you're in a developing country, I suggest you to pay lower EMIs and drag it as much as possible, let the inflation take care of the loan.

its quite simple, take another loan to repay that loan :)

Is very ironic that in order to make a career you have to make astronomical loans that after finished you will work hard as a slave to pay them. This happens in USA where Education is a business. There are tons of countries that offer free Education and help the society to grow and evolute in many ways.

The problem with doing that is that education cost a lot of money, and to make it free for everyone in America would require extremely high taxes, even higher than those in the socialist European countries where college is free. To be clear, I am not against your point, as an American teenager, I wish college was free, but this is why it is impractical for our government. A more practical solution, at least for the US would be to put a limit on the amount colleges charge for tuition, as the profit margins for that are enormous.

#19, in other words, free Education is not suitable for capitalism. I hope that you as a teenager find a way to not get into the OP's situation in the future.

so what if the taxes are high? It's better to pay high taxes and get benefit from them than to pay lower taxes and get nothing. Our taxes collected is already a lot and we get nothing much but the world's biggest military and lots of war. Also, those other European countries you mentioned are capitalist. Scandinavia is, Germany is, the rest of Western Europe is. Socializing the education industry does not mean the entire economy is socialist. It's about time that the US gets into the 21st century and does universal education (as well as healthcare) because you can't expect your country to move forward if only the richest or those who will have the most lucrative jobs, can get educated

and another thing is, with the taxes, all of it would not have to come from individual income tax. Revenue loss from corporate tax evasion, as well as a small tax on Wall Street financial transactions, could more than make up for it, if the US government ever got the balls to do it.

It's much better for lower taxes and you can use that extra money how you see fit. If you want insurance you can buy it. If you want education (post-secondary) you can buy it. Forcing people to pay for something they "probably want" is worse than letting people pay for what they actually want.

Here's an idea. Raise the minimum wage as well. That way the extra taxes don't take an unnecessary toll.

if you want insurance you can buy it? sure, if you got money, and if you don't have it when you have a health problem, buying it then won't help you. If you want post-secondary education you can buy it. You must be off of your ******* rocker to think that people have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to just 'buy' some education. This is real life, not a computer game. The amount of money you save on lower taxes cannot purchase you any of these things if you are not rich already

I'd much rather pay taxes for someone to get the chance at an education than a ridiculous war where thousands of innocent people die.

Honestly, #19 I'd prefer a little higher taxes and free school. Hell with the student loans gone, I'd probably still make more after increased taxes anyway. The countries that have free healthcare and university have high ratings for happiness of their citizens, by the way.

ok #23, what about the hundreds of thousands of people who can't afford to buy insurance or an education because of the broader socioeconomic conditions? should we just say screw em?

I live in Sweden and sure we have high taxes but at least everyone who wants to can get an education. Imagine how many bright people, who with eduaction could've done great things for the country, now just get stuck in low paid jobs or welfare all because the US puts priority on war. I'm not saying our way is perfect, in fact most people still take loans for living expenses and so on, but I sure think education beats military. Then again, Sweden has not been to war for over 200 years so our countries aren't exactly in the same position. Oops, long post, sorry for that!

agreed #37, it's cool that in Sweden everyone who WANTS to get a post-secondary education at least has the option of doing so, which really ends up benefitting society as a whole in the long run.

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Aaaannddd this is why I had a small panic attack upon taking out my first student loan