By mammamia - United States
Today, in a big argument, my sister uninvited my mom to her wedding. Trying to comfort my mom, I rented Mamma Mia knowing she's wanted to see it for a while. Turns out, Mamma Mia is a mother/daughter feel-good about the daughters wedding. I had no idea, and my mom cried the whole movie. FML
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By  Sk8rJr  |  0

LOL!!!! Dude, you invited that one. You should always read into the movie to make sure it's a good one to bring up the conversation in which your intending to talk about.

By  Hummingbird114  |  0

Really?, really?

It's a tony award winning musical!

There were previews playing every five minutes on tv for like 4 months!

...or at least you could have read the back of the box.