By ScaredOfClowns - 31/12/2015 16:40 - United Kingdom - Brighton

Today, my girlfriend let me stay over at her house for the first time. I went into her room only to find out she's obsessed with the Joker and has a bunch of posters and toys of him. I am deathly afraid of clowns. FML
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ScaredOfClowns tells us more.

(I didn't know how to get it to comment as the OP...) For those of you who are asking how I didn't know, she had never brought it up in conversation. We only recently started dating and she hadn't mentioned it at all. She knew that I was afraid of clowns and admitted later on that she thought I was kidding. I guess it could be worse, when I made an excuse to leave and we talked about it later, she suggest we stay at my place instead.


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#35 actually an ancient energy being, but whatever :)

So full of nope! No clowns, no drains, no blood only children can see, no floating, no IT, just no.

that moment when I hear about my soul mate over an app.... I ******* LOVE THE JOKER OMFG WHY Sorry, had to get that out.

She really should stop clowning around.

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Just stay over at your place next time :)

Time to face your fears. Also, a batman mask helps.

Did she offer to show you a magic trick?

Maybe it's time to bring out the dark knight!