Faulty logic

By hhhhhhhh - 28/09/2023 06:00

Today, my daughter thinks the way to save money is to stop taking her antidepressants, because they give her “uncontrollable” food cravings. FML
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get her meds changed maybe.... good luck.


get her meds changed maybe.... good luck.

She's not wrong. So, getting cured of depression makes you fat, which is depressing. Then you take Ozempic to lose the weight. The Big Pharma money machine is well-oiled.

I know what she means, except these uncontrollable food cravings I get from my antidepressants are usually just called “the ******’ munchies.” I get my antidepressants in another state from a guy who also sells leafy green stuff and things that make clouds when you breathe them. That said, there’s a reason they say “fat and happy.”