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Today, I went to the grocery store with my four-year-old. She has some issues with wetting the bed, so I told her that if she wasn't sure if she was dreaming about "going", she should pinch herself to make sure she's awake. In the produce section, she pinched herself, smiled proudly, and peed. FML
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Maybe you'll have to explain things a little more with this one. Maybe also mention where she could go if she knew she was awake. Not just that she could go if she was awake :P

cleanup on aisle 9!


Could've explained it a bit better but hey she's 4. Should've known she'd misunderstand it a bit.

Haha I think that's cute . Kids that young take things literally. Just work at it with her and all will be fine .

Hey, she's a good listener.

kids can do anything and it's still fucken funny.

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I wouldn't say this particular situation is *fucking funny.

Aww that's too cute poor thing lol

kids understand things differently

My baby is 1.5 years old and I'm dreading potty training so much! FYL, OP! I can just imagine your annoyance!

There really is no reason to dread it.. The worst thing you can do when potty training is get annoyed or upset. There will always be accidents you just have to expect them.. Kids pick up on things and if you are dreading it they will have a negative reaction to it too.

Best thing to do when potty training is to put them on every 20-30 minutes (depending on age, how much they drink/pee). At the beginning of potty training it's just the parent being trained. You just have to keep putting them on trying to catch them before they pee until they finally learn the feeling of how to make themselves pee. Start with every 20 minutes and you should be pretty good. It's basically you being trained to put them on the toilet at the beginning. Oh, and reward them with a gummie or marshmallow every time they pee on the toilet, or we've even done a brand new toy to play with for a few minutes after they pee, then you put it back on the counter where they can see it and they get to play with it when they pee on the toilet again. Great motivator!

Be smarter than the kid, it's as simple as that.

Yes! We bribed my daughter with fruit snacks. She was fully potty trained 2 months before she turned 2!

When dealing with children, ALWAYS remember details, details, details! The little munchkins will follow your instructions to the tee, but still have the ability to create a scenario worse than what you expected.

Well she has half of it down good...

Don't feel to bad she could of done what my son did

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What did your son do?