By Swatted - United States - Sparks
Today, a model I've been working on for an art competition was declined. They thought I was being insensitive and "rudely glorifying 9/11". My model was about the ending scene of King Kong. I spent twenty hours on that model. FML
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  kirasant  |  19

I'm guessing that it was a building with planes around it was all they looked at.

OP, if you can't explain their stupidity to them, go to the local press. This the sort of zero-tolerance garbage that news stations love. If they won't accept your entry, shame them for their brainlessness.

By  cristy91  |  33

That's horrible! What style was it completed in? If it was something were interpretation is really needed I can understand how they came to that conclusion. Maybe you could use the model for another competition or put it in your portfolio for future reference?