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By  itssnotfunny  |  24

Next time just go to the bathroom and punch the wall. It's discreet enough to keep you out of trouble, but you'll still hurt yourself a little. But it'll make you feel damn better.

By  Nnzyb  |  8

Hope you're not stop making payments on that car! Or need to buy gas. Or food. Or pay bills. That's assuming you live paycheck-to-paycheck. If they were mistreating you and you can afford it, by all means, walk. Don't expect a good reference for job abandonment though.

By  im_teekay  |  7

Took me a while to figure out that OP was angry and not inebriated; in NZ and the UK to get pissed means to get drunk, whereas to be angry is to be pissed off

  species4872  |  19

In Oz it means either one. It depends on in what context it's said.