By J-Sauce - 20/06/2016 14:54 - Canada - Salmon Arm

Today, I went to a club with 6 girls thinking it would be awesome. As soon as we got there, they all said they wanted to go dance and asked if I could watch their purses. FML
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That's when you politely decline and proceed to boogie out onto the dance floor

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That's so dumb on their part OP. They knew they didn't want to have a purse on them the whole night, & I'm sure they realized none of the other girls wanted to be the one sitting by themself watching bags. They shouldn't bring stuff they need someone else to watch, especially if it wasn't discussed ahead of time that someone was intended to sit watch it.


Why else did you think you were there?

What did you expect? YDI.

Uhh, he's at a club? He expected to DANCE? With other people??

Politely decline? I'd be more inclined to smile ferally, agree, and then proceed to thoroughly mix and match the contents of said purses and wallets. I guarantee it'd be the last time they ask you to do that.

Brilliant. Just imagine the chaos that would ensue. But OP, be a nice guy and let them know you have to leave before you bounce

Honesty, I would of grabbed all their purses and went home.

XD I stop reading after strap on and started laughing.

You should've said "nah I'm good" and then go on to the dance floor

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What? They assumed that he would watch their purses (possibly just because he was a guy so they assumed he wouldn't dance, without asking). How was HE commodifying THEM?

"Activate sarcasm font" He's clearly sexist. Only a male chauvinist pig would be put off by spending an evening guarding women's personal belongings instead of having fun like he planned. And only a chauvinistic pig would commodify women so brutally by hoping to dance with them when going to a club.

You should have said no because you want to go dance too. Then everyone would have to hold their own purse on the dance floor. And if they don't like it, next time they shouldn't bring a purse at all or take something small enough that won't be such a hassle to put off on someone else.

Pretty sure that's the only reason you got to go with 6 girls

you know what they say: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.