By DrugDeal - 09/06/2011 01:24 - Canada

Today, I was under a building overhang to avoid getting drenched by the rain while waiting for the bus. Apparently that corner is notorious for drug dealing, I found this out when a man angrily demanded his drugs and chased me half a block. FML
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At least he didn't think you were a hooker.


zuzupetalsYO 11

what does that have to do with rain? but then what happened?

It has to do with a man chasing him half a block...

you were on his corner, smarten up son LLOLL

I was stuck in the thunderstorm too! :(

no! you were engulfed upon gods ejaculation!

PurpleRae420 0

Why would you have his drugs yah hope you defended yourself next time don't go there unless you have a ride and don't have to wait in a bad spot! Glad your alive people will kill for drugs even if you didn't have anything on you he could think that you took or smoked whatever he needed!!! Call the popo next time if they get there in time

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Haha # 40... The op is not "winning"

lonewolf6613 4

56 haha popo. lol anyway I have only one question for op... did u give the drugs back to him? you shouldn't have taken them in the first place. lol jk :)

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56, he was waiting for a bus, don't give op shit for that -.-

yeah I agree with 15 I don't see that ending well, but atleast your mom didn't tell you to run out of walmart because she shoplifted...there's always a bright side ;)

@16 Yes or the Mom could have been selling, took the money, the man yells "where's my drugs?!?!", the Mom runs and tells OP to run but OP stands there to get a ride home from crazy.

ya that won't get his ass beat to shit or anything. throwing out hugs eh.

oops_im_fucked 8

NO I WANT MY ******* HEROIN!!!

nlr 9

I hope he knows what he's doing with his life...

nlr 9

smoking kills so their basically committing suicide but slowly...

When i first read it, i was expecting for you to get drenched by the rain... NOT drugs, least nothing bad happened.

*nothing bad happened. iPod screen not helping with accurate placement.

I'm pretty sure being chased by a junkie is a bad thing...

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It's Canada... Drugs to them are smoking catnip, snorting pixie stix, and shooting up maple syrup. All while waiting for the Canucks or Leafs game to come on.

lonewolf6613 4

42 wow that's hilarious! lol damn Canadians!

I guess you never heard of bc bud lol silly Americans, who blend bigmacs and inject it into their veins

LOLbomb 1

Wow. Someone's obviously Canadian. Somehow, I knew a cliche obese remark would be made. I've been to Canada. Weird people there. :l

Wowww that blows. Just suck it up, but clearly he smoked you. I hope he didn't shoot up the block. But I have to admit, that made me snort from laughter.

MrLefty 8

12 you're has an 'e' on the end if you're using it in that context. heads up.

Yeahh I thought about that a couple days after I made the account and that actually really bothers me when people do that but I couldn't figure out how to change it:(

At least he didn't think you were a hooker.

saraitkddh 47

things then could have really been so much worse