By Anon - Australia

Head in the Clouds

Today, my 33-year-old brother told my 10-year-old daughter that clouds are made by factories blowing smoke. My daughter laughed at him and he got upset. He still believed my dad's lie from 25 years ago. FML
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By  swervelol  |  28

My grandpa tried to tell me when I was little that the factories produced steam not clouds and I sassily replied "grandpa, look outside, what do you see? CLOUDS. It's a cloud factory." They still bring it up so I definitely feel for him

  Soninuva  |  41

It's not that surprising, actually. When children are young, they expect their parents to know everything, and be honest about serious matters. The problem is that they sometimes can't tell when adults are joking, or messing with them, and take it to heart. If they never hear otherwise, or find reason to challenge that belief, it's not surprising for them to carry it well into adulthood.


How do you know the grandfather was messing with the brother? Maybe HE didn't know what clouds are made of either. Which is pretty darn pathetic. Clouds are not that complicated--easier than explaining why the sky is blue.