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Today, I accompanied a friend to the hospital to visit the guy I like, who was just out of surgery and still high. When he asked who we were, my friend immediately said that I was his wife. He then started bawling, saying, "Oh God! No! What did I do to deserve this?!?" FML
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By  WeirdUS  |  29

I wouldn't take it seriously, the guy was still high from the anesthesia or whatever they gave him. I wouldn't give up just based on that. I'm sure it's hurtful, but if you give up on a guy who just came out of surgery and know he isn't in his right mind based on 1 thing he said maybe dating isn't for you yet.

  Allie614032  |  34

Yes, but a drunk person is still telling the truth, just the truth that they normally wouldn't say out loud. It sounds like the guy OP likes does not like her back, although I highly doubt it's to the level that the anaesthesia caused.

  WeirdUS  |  29

Sometimes that is the case but it isn't a truth serum. I wouldn't believe someone based on high or drunk. Lots of people in both categories will say something just to say it for a reaction or will not be consciously aware. Imagine waking up foggy not thinking straight and all of a sudden someone tells you life-changing like your married and having no memory of it.

By  DanielleinDC  |  32

I can only hope that his reaction was due to the anesthesia hangover and not horror at the thought of you being his wife. It always sucks to find out that your crush not only doesn't feel the same way but is appalled at the idea.