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By Anonymous - 20/10/2022 15:00 - United States - Lake Saint Louis

Today, my son waited until the night before he had a presentation on Arkansas due to tell me about it. We (meaning me, alone) stayed up until 3 am making a topographical map of the state out of plaster and drywall. At 8 a.m., a half hour after he got on the bus, I found it laying on his bed. FML
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Should have let him face the consequences of not doing it himself.

Should have let him take the L. He's not gonna learn consequences if you save him


Should have let him face the consequences of not doing it himself.

My son was diagnosed with ADHD. Until I was dealing with him, I could not imagine routinely “forgetting” to bring in an assignment that he and his mother had worked so hard on. I could not figure out if he was self-sabotaging himself, ashamed that his mom had done most of the work, or just stupid. But talking to people who dealt with ADHD children it’s not uncommon for them to do that. It wasn’t just my son and it’s not just your son… I felt that in my son’s case, his mom was actually doing too much of his homework for him. He was medicated for ADHD and ultimately I was not sure if that was the best thing for him. ADHD is a real problem. On top of this, I am visually oriented in learning and communication and he was predominantly verbally oriented and dealing with things like math we just could not communicate. To me to see something was to know and understand it - He needed much more verbal cues and things like adding and multiplying with his fingers. Ultimately we all survived, but there were some bad periods - You have my heartfelt sympathy.

I have 2 brothers 1 is deeply in the spectrum and this was a regular thing, my folks just called the school and got emails etc about this sort of project or when he needed extra help etc. the other is just lazy and forgot stuff and half asked it because he didn't feel like doing the work. but for sure something OP should find out NOW and put measures in place to help keep their own child on track going forward.

My sister and I are both autistic. I always got my schoolwork done but she did not, and I would be forced to do the project for her. And honestly? Not a day goes by where I wish my mother would have let her little darling just fall on her face. Because my sister still consistently doesn’t do jack. OP should have done the same in this case. If he’d asked her to help keep him on track, sure, help out with that, but not do the entire project and then *forget it*.

And I'll bet no one in class could tell the difference between seeing Arkansas and not seeing Arkansas. Take away Wal-Mart and it's pretty hard to find out anything interesting about Arkansas.

Should have let him take the L. He's not gonna learn consequences if you save him

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You’re doing too much. Your child does not benefit as a person from you doing their school work.

You are 100% at fault for giving in... this is how we end up with lazy entitled little assholes. YDI

Why would you do that? My parents let me fail a class, as it was my responsibility to keep on top of my school work and projects. I learned way more for being left to deal with consequences and I definitely know my parents will help me if I ask, but they will not fix my problems, or do it for me. Everyone deserves to learn from their own mistakes, that's why we study and learn. Nobody is born perfect, missing school project deadlines is a huge lesson to learn as in real life missing appointments, deadlines, work, alarm all can cost you health, money, time. If not learning while he has roof over his head and safe environment to fail then when? When he is 30? Will you go to his work place to finish his projects night before? What happens if you pass on? Who will do it for him??

Why did you do his assignment? I got a lot of zero’s in school because I didn’t do the work, and my parents NEVER did the work for me.

As a teacher, I'm letting you know you're setting your child up for failure in the future.

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One of my kiddos has ADHD. We set timers for her to get her work done. Sometimes, she pushes off her work anyways. Which means, no devices until homework is done. Most times what she needs help with is explaining the concepts or ideas. Then she isn't as overwhelmed and is able to complete her work. I have 3 other kiddos as well. the most important part is taking accountability. If they don't do the work, then they don't get to have fun until it's done.