By Damn.... - 28/01/2011 19:26 - United States

Today, I was given the ultimate ultimatum: either I suffer excruciating stomach pains and remain a hostage to the porcelain whirlpool goddess, or I stop taking pain medication and face the wrath of a raging infection in my jaw. FML
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Or option 3- go see a reputable factor who will treat the infection rather than just hurl a prescription for Vicodin at you like some two-bit hack. Jesus, I think some "doctors" get their MD degrees out of a ******* Cracker Jack box.

You have to choose between an infection and a goddess? Tsk, you've got to be kidding me, what are you whining about?!


First comment!!!

Sirin? Can you turn this fail first into something mildly entertaining?

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Ewwwwwouch. :/

There are meds to stop the side effects of pain killers.

That's true but some people don't want to end up in a cycle of pills. I had the same problem with pain killers making me sick after surgery on my feet, so I just said "**** it" and dealt with the pain.

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Flip a coin let the fates decide

THAT SUCKS!!!!!!! I would go with the pain on the jawline

craps alot with stomach pains or more pain in his jaw. probably cus of side effects

Man that has to suck. I'd go with the jaw pain though.

Stomach pain. That sounds like a medicinal side-effect and should be gone as soon as the infection clears up.

57- agreed.

smoke some weed if you can

he'll yeah bro!

what the hell?

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that sucks!! I feel for u man my fren had to go thru sth similar! fyl):

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Does grammar mean anything to you?

This reminds me of a long story, back in 'Nam. But i'm sure you all don't want to hear about it.

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yes we do.

It sounds almost like you was there in Vietnam... Amazing at the age of 15 (now).

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who cares?

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hey ur pretty:)

Bored thanks for saying that and lots of people could thumb down of jealousy ( or trolling or finding her ugly) great job bro! Lower her confidence! Nah jk dont... Its sad

that sucks!!! fyl :(