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Today, I was debating weed legalization in drug awareness. I was thoroughly unleashing arguments: how marijuana turns normal citizens into criminals, how the government spends billions to enforce drug laws, when I lost my train of thought. My teacher grinned saying, "My point exactly." FML
katzperiod tells us more :
Ok, my turn on my own post. My slip up came because it is very hard for me to organize my thoughts when I don't write them down and also because of frequent personal use. This is all besides the point of the debate though. I oppose the marijuana laws for both my own selfish reasons and from an economic-minded libertarian approach. It is written in the Declaration of Independence that all men are entitled to their own pursuit of happiness. From a public health point, marijuana does not physically harm anyone. Hard drugs should remain illegal because they will lead you to decay and death. Marijuana does not cause lung cancer or any other type of cancer. Zero people in the history of mankind have died directly from weed use. It is impossible to overdose and the worst that can happen is lethargy and fatigue. It can and has been used to treat over 120 diseases or symptoms of other medication. This country spends 12 billion dollars fighting pot with no results. If marijuana were legalized and taxed, then it would produce 6-7 billion dollars in revenue. That means almost 20 billion dollars would be gained every year that marijuana is legalized and taxed, money that can be spent on education, health care, environmental reform, defense, anything. Currently there is a huge overpopulation problem in prisons. 40% of all arrests are because of drug laws. Again as an American, I want to support legitimate American businesses and my government with my weed money. The people bringing weed into this country are international gangs that also deal in cocaine, heroin, prostitution, slavery, and arms deals. I do not enjoy supporting those causes for what I consider should be my personal freedom. To legalize pot would also create millions of jobs. Limited hemp research has proven that it would reduce dependence on foreign oil through hemp products and biodiesel made from hemp. Hemp is biodegradable and plastic can be synthesized from hemp fibers. Hemp seeds contain more protein than soy beans and could lower malnutrition if only it was legal to include it in aid packets sent to Third World countries. There is no slippery slope after you legalize pot. To say that fully automatic weapons could be legalized once pot is is absolutely absurd. Jake, the only reason weed is grouped with illegal drugs is because the government decided to place that label on it. Other drugs do physical and emotional harm through addiction. In response to #54, a good reason all those chemicals are present in weed smoke is because there has been no scientific approach to removing them, and most weed is smoked without a filter. Tobacco has been cultivated in America for 400 years and science has been around for 150 of those, the tobacco companies have billions of dollars to spend funding both research on how to make it safer and to fund anti-pot studies. I say enough propaganda. Listen patiently to what others say and accept it only if they can prove it with facts. All that I have stated above can be proven with facts. Jake, could it be that pot makes your family lazy because they don't want to be arrested outside? For someone who posts that you don't want people to cram opinions down other people's throats, you certainly like to cram your own down ours. In the last one I just read you were using mostly all caps.
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I think he meant that people receive criminal records when caught smoking pot, and that most people have to go to drug dealers to buy their pot "criminal behavior", therefore weed should be legal.

  tb15  |  0

I'm just gonna give everyone reading this a preview of what the res of the comments are. First someone says something provocative and ignorant like "weed is Harmless", than someone replies, and than everyone has to get their two centss worth in about weed


the legalization of weed isn't that big of a deal, it's bound to happen at some point, people just need to learn to accept that, I'm not for or against it, it's just that people need to calm down

  validus  |  0

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  norags  |  10

You do realise that the criminal activity that's connected to narcotics are of a different nature than "killing and raping". By smoking weed young people are aiding an entire industry based on illegality and often involving themselves is such crimes

By  Jimboom  |  11

Asshole teacher. He probably smokes/smoked more than you do back in his day.

And if this was reversed Ie: the person debating against legalization lost their train of thought and someone suggested they were playing both sides of the fence *wink wink, nudge nudge* then they would probably get very annoyed and angry that you suggest they smoke (generalization I know but most people I have spoken to that are against legalization have never touched the stuff.. never will and think anyone that does is a lazy good-for-nothing).

When will people realise that the only reason weed is not legal today is because A. Americian cotton farmers didn't want to competition from hemp and B. Because America scared everyone with propganda so much that they made it illegal in almost all countries.

It's a natural planet for goodness sake. If people want to roll it up and smoke it when why give a fuck? They don't seem to care when people kill their bodies off with cigarettes and alcohol.

  HelloNoora1  |  0

it's all because of money, alcohol and tobacco are only sold for money, and hemp plants are illegal because it's a lot cheaper then cotton, paper from tree pulp, etc...

  girlygeek004  |  8

Actually, all politicians are commies now, and making drugs illegal is proof. All they want to do is control our lives and make us believe they know something about what they're doing.

  retep014  |  0

What I think the author meant was that it turns ordinary people into criminals because it's illegal. If it wasn't illegal, these people would not be criminals anymore, they'd just go back to being ordinary people.

By  Arbitrary  |  0

Government spending isn't a bad thing, boosts GDP, and right now I think the world could do with some of that. Inn other words, people who smoke weed are aiding in the recovery of the economy! If that's not a great argument I don't know what is.

  TheDrifter  |  23

You don't get GDP do you? Government spending doesn't boost GDP because it is taken from the tax base and thus has already been counted. The only way it can boost gdp is when it is used to create non government jobs.

By  briantheman890  |  0

marijuana turns normal people into criminals?
yea no... maybe because they are smoking illegal, not refrence to things like robberies, thefts..

and the "propoganda" reason to why its still illegal is horseshit, and anyone who knows anything about the current arguments about marijuana legalization knows that.
They have no scientific proof that it is extremely dangerous
the ONLY reason it still remains illegal, is because if the government does decide to legalize it, they cannot tax it to its fullest extent. Smoking does the same damage, its legal why? because they can cultivate it themselfs, and imply any taxes they chose to because do you know anyone who grows their own tobacco to make their own smokes? no..
With marijuana, people can grow it, and produce it themselfs and the government will not make shit off it.

  pantera42  |  0

I can grow fuckin tomatoes in my yard, is that legal? Yep! Do people still buy tomatoes? Yep! Your point sucks, just cause if it's legal people can grow it, doesn't mean everyone that will ever smoke pot will take the time and effort to grow it. Don't be dumb