By DroopyDog - 27/12/2009 08:48 - Netherlands

Today, I got a puppy. I just found out I can't bring it on the family trip. To save me the trouble of finding a friend to take her in, my mum handed her back to the pound. FML
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Go get your dog back and bring your mom to the pound.


Advice dog is now sad and alone. To whom will he give advice to?!

Idiot. Why on earth would you assume that you can bring a puppy on a family vacation? YTDI.

OP didn't assume that... She was clearly going to find a friend to take care of it. But before she could do that, her mother gave away her BRAND NEW puppy. The FML is that she lost her new puppy, not that she couldn't bring it on the trip... duh...

I think he was calling him an idiot for buying a puppy when he knew he was about to go on vacation..wouldn't it be common sense to wait until he got back to buy the puppy?

Something tells me the mom just wanted the excuse to get rid of it. Why else would she take it back to the pound instead of letting OP leave it with friends?

Go get your dog back and bring your mom to the pound.

This, totally. Do you live with your parents? If not, then I would have bitched her out for giving MY puppy back to the pound, when I said I'd find someone to take care of her (that or take her to a kennel!). If you do, did you get permission to buy a puppy? How long did you know about this trip?

I agree because the pound supports bitches

just adopt her back no big deal. Better hurry tho.

adopt her back when the vaca is over, lets hope its a no kill shelter eh? and that op has the money for that...idiot

Maybe you should have given it more thought, before you decided to re-home an animal. It is a full time commitment to have a dog. they do not stay puppies forever....... next time make sure you are ready before you decide to get it back or get another. not FYL. FML the puppy's life. If you are serious, go get your dog back.

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Maybe you should read the FML. The OP's mom was the one who took back the puppy.

and? its still a circumstance the person has to think about. she should of thought about it

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She should have thought that the mom would bring it to the pound without letting the OP find a friend to take care of it while they go on a [short?] family trip?

And this is exactly why people don't listen to animal lovers. The OP gave no reason to believe that they had not put thought into the choice to get a puppy. Their mother chose to take the dog to the pound rather than giving her kid a chance to find someone to watch it. Obviously the mother should have thought more about the responsibility, not the OP. I'm surprised she didn't take her kid back to the hospital when she figured out that she'd have to find a baby sitter if she wanted to have some alone time.

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Why the hell would you buy a dog without the okay from your parents?

Guess you should have asked 'mummy' if you were allowed to have a pet, before you went and bought it.

Wow she's pretty stupid.. but so are you for getting a dog just before going on a vacation