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Today, I've been struggling with my English paper for the past hour, because I can't concentrate. This is because my mom is in the room next to me, singing to her pet rat about what a cute little boy he is, in between yelling at him to stop "molesting" her. FML
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He's not a mouse...he's a rat. There's a big difference. Also, don't feel bad for him, he is definitely a mommas boy....

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braja3249 4

Maybe you would get the paper done if you had basic grammar skills... Just saying.

Why are you talking to OP when you are replying to a comment?

laya_fml 26

63, you're right. That probably would cause some mental damage. Especially, being molested by a rat.

MrBrightside21 20

71 - I think being molested by any rat could mess you up. But I wouldn't know. I'm too busy screwing a giant fish's brain out in the sewer. (like a baws)

stripeycrakers 7

There is nothing wrong with not wanting to be molested. Molestation is a bad thing, human or rodent, and it should be stopped.

You would think that if the rat was molesting her that she would put the thing down. Clearly momma likes her some rodent foreplay.

81 - that's such a great song, no matter how many times you listen to it. OP I sympathize with you, parents can be pretty disruptive with some of the weird stuff they say. I try to tune them out with some good music :)

WeAreAHurricane 14

Well OP you call yourself a kitty....

make sure she doesn't start gerbiling with it

Because that would be a step too far. As of now, she's still sane.

That's so funny. Both the Fml and this comment! This is what something my family, including me, would do! Hahahaha. That's what makes it so funny!

T9FTW 20

ERMAHGERD, YES! I'd like to thank DocBastard, Perdix and generic internet memes. My comment bad, badder than yours.

There's your English paper! It's being given to you write on the psychotic-ness of your family! Of course this is assuming its a free write

Or an essay on family life, or society's pressure on the individual , or how women are held back in society... Oh wait... That covers all highschool English papers...

beddington 7

All this while your dad and grand father smile at and play helicopter with their penises....

Try to be a little more subtle next time.

You were probably so excited that you thought of that comment too..

TrinityisLife 22

I must be the only one that got your reference O_o

No, it was just a forced reference. The smiling grandfather penis and helicopter reference has had its use in the past day, now we must let it rest.

You know schools today are bad when I didn't know what pun meant till this year and I'm about to graduate

77-Or maybe it's just you that's bad at learning

I agree with 95. Don't blame the school for not being intelligent. It is the schools fault in some cases, but otherwise, if you work at learning, you will not be stupid. And I don't remember learning what a pun was from school anyway, and I am not trying to call you stupid

77, I don't think puns are in the curriculum?

untouchable763 10

He's not a mouse...he's a rat. There's a big difference. Also, don't feel bad for him, he is definitely a mommas boy....

A spoiled rat. Don't hear about one of those everyday haha

Razi_tail 25

I understand my rats are mamas girls.

laya_fml 26

Apparently, the rat is taking care of that for her.

Well with your name, "call me kitty" just go over and eat that annoying rat

Or paint the walls with it, like the woman's cat in her daughter's bedroom :)

Share it here! We'll help you out with the grammar and punctuation.

Thanks for the offer but I finally finished! I'll consult y'all first next time I'm having trouble with a paper.

Be careful though, I've seen plenty of people on here with god awful grammar.

~Wht r u tlking abt? i hardly ever c rly bad grammar on here and y do English tchers even care we r all on the Internet ne way so grammar don't matter no more like ohmigosh wht nrdz and losers care about that?~ I lost quite a few brain cells while writing that...