By Xtrafresh - 30/08/2016 16:42 - Netherlands

Today, after missing my flight and being stuck on the other side of the globe, I received a call telling me that the "male, neutered" kitten I adopted 7 months ago is now pregnant. FML
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Oh hi, OP here with much desired answers its seems. I adopted the cat from the local vet/asylum. They gave it to me as male and neutered. Even in the store I spotted it was most probably a she, but I didn't want to make a fuss and didn't care. I named her Violet, and she has a little brother named Dash. Kudos to whomever gets the reference. The big surprise for me was that not only did the vet **** up the gender, they also got the neutered part wrong.

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Did you just assume the cats gender?! TRIGGERED

kimeatszombies 22

Everyone saying, "how could you not know the cats gender???", OP could've adopted the car after it had already been fixed (or so they thought), therefore, it would be harder to tell because the cat wouldn't have balls :-))


Yikes, how come you never knew it was a girl?

crazyindynathan 13

Speaking as someone with a male cat, basically everything is removed. If you looked, you would also think he is a she.... I feel sorry for the little guy.

Did you just assume the cats gender?! TRIGGERED

That was wonderful. Should I confess my undying love to you now, or simply mail you'll romantic poems?

22 - please share your romantic poems with the FML family

Haha, haven't heard that one before. Hundreds of times. Ha.

Lmao If you look at her comment, OP did assume it, and he/she was right.

Making fun of people with irreparable conditions or reactions, and people with thoughts of themselves that may not seem normal to you but are out and out harmless, at the same time? What a great person you are!

I was referencing a popular internet meme that just so happens to apply to this FML post. I never referred to - or intended to refer to - anyone in a derogatory way. I apologise if my intentions have been misconstrued. Politically, I am pro-choice for everything, so please do not assume I am a bigoted asshole.


Haha, hilarious

I hope that everything includes saying you are a yugioh card too... or you will really hate me

Do you know that, contrary to popular beliefs, you can tell a kitten's gender even on the first day of it's life? How come you never noticed that ? I'm a little confused.

For non cat lovers (and even cat lovers) it is more difficult to tell the gender when they're newborn, but is possible.

C'mon, Who doesn't love kittens?

kimeatszombies 22

Everyone saying, "how could you not know the cats gender???", OP could've adopted the car after it had already been fixed (or so they thought), therefore, it would be harder to tell because the cat wouldn't have balls :-))

kimeatszombies 22

cat* I'm too tired for this.

Excuse me but that doesn't change anything in fact, my cat is neutered and it's still pretty obvious that he's a male, they don't completely remove any trace of the balls. And females have something males don't have : a ******. On a cat, it's really not hard to see.

The way to tell if its a boy or girl when they're young and not developed yet is to look between the spacing between the anus and urethra. Typically if there is a wider space it's a boy because testicles will develop there. If a male cat is neutered really young you cant even see traces of the scrotom. One of my male cats got neutered too young (6 weeks, 2 pounds) and you cant see them. Where as our other cat got neutered at 9 months and his scrotum is still visible.

Twisted_Angel 17

You can tell if it's male or female even if it's neutered.

Talis99 26

My boy kitten is neutered, and he still has his little empty sack, which is typical. Also no ****** hole. It's gross, but if you want to be a pet owner, you need to know these things. At the very least, always take an animal to the vet within the first week of adoption for a standard health inspection. The vet can sex the animal easily which they generally do anyway for new registered patients.

Are you sure they're pregnant? The only surefire way to tell is when they deliver. I mean balls are pretty obvious on cats. I have both male and female and can tell on the first day they are born what their genders are. So there really is no excuse as to not knowing the gender. I would contact the people you adopted from and have them cover the cost of the shots, fixing of your new bundles of joys.

**NEUTERED** No balls. Balls are gone. Sans balls. If it was just at the age to be neutered when it was said to be fixed, around six months, a neutered male cat's and a female cat's genitalia would look pretty similiar after the wound healed. And if you're not familiar with cat genitalia, they'd look really similiar.

No, I have neutered males and females. I know what it looks like. Even still, they have empty ball sacks. Sure they're shriveled up like raisins, but you can still see the difference. Males look like dots with raisins and girls look like slits.

I absolutely plan to make the vet do the work on these kitties for free. The gender thing is silly, but no problem, but I paid for the procedure that clearly wasn't done on this cat.

Most cats are completely cleared - there shouldn't be a scrotum, empty or otherwise, if the job was done completely - it's called scrotal ablation.

To the people saying it would have been easy to tell the gender: If you buy a pet and are told it's a certain gender, do you really go check out its genitals? Why would you do this?

Some people are into that kind of thing.

To make sure it's the sex it's supposed to be? If you aren't adopting from a shelter or a licensed breeder there usually isn't any official paperwork so there's no reason for them to not lie to you (although that would be shitty of them, some people are shitty) and they could just be wrong themselves and not know it.

Cow_Girl_Lilly 24

This happened to my sister-in-law. She adopted a cat and they told her it was a male and it was fixed. One little trip accidentally outside Bob turned into a Becky.

LadyMadness 11

For people not familiar with kittens, telling a young kittens sex is normally up to the vet eyeballing the area between the butthole and da peepee. As someone that's worked in vet offices I promise a lot of the time it's just easier to wait a few months to see if the balls become more developed. Fun facts of the day

Downvoting because you said "peepee"

Bad reason to downvote. If you don't know if it's a ****** or penis what else are you supposed to call it? "Urogenital orifice?"

The cat was suppose to be neutered. A young, neutered male and a female have surprising similar genitalia, unless you know exactly what to look for. A good trick is that a female will have a line, sometimes faint, while a male will not. They don't just snip tubes like in humans, they remove the balls entirely. To say that OP should have looked for balls is ridiculous, seeing as the OP has neutered right in their post.