Panic! At the Door Handle

By Anonymous - 29/10/2021 05:00

Today, I told my boyfriend I’m pregnant. He immediately had a massive panic attack about how a kid is going to ruin his life and split us up, because obviously I’ll choose the baby over him. We’re now in hospital because he hyperventilated, passed out and fractured his skull on the door handle. FML
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He’s already jealous of the baby? Yikes

slkeithh 14

girl do not have a child with him. have the baby, but keep him out of your lives.


slkeithh 14

girl do not have a child with him. have the baby, but keep him out of your lives.

The op didn’t even say if she wanted to keep it...

He’s already jealous of the baby? Yikes

Nhayaa2.0 17

So, are you going to keep the baby or the boyfriend?

Looks like he's presented a strong argument to choose the baby, even before the baby is born!

And1 12

Please read some books on how to raise a baby as a single parent.

(1) Pregnancy is the result of unprotected sex. That has been known for a long time and there are ways to prevent it - birth control pills, IUD, condom etc. Human fertility is on average relatively low, but have unprotected sex often enough or even just once at the right time you get pregnant. (2) All children deserve to be loved and wanted. Don’t get pregnant unless you know you and your partner want a child and can raise a child. Otherwise see (1) above. (3) Obviously boyfriend doesn’t want a child. That’s not likely to change with such an extreme reaction from him. You have a choice to make and there aren’t any really good ones - If you have a child that your boyfriend does not want then at some point you are going to be raising that child alone (but be sure to get child support from the father). The sooner you sort out what you plan to do the better because you actually have very little time to decide. You can be a single mom raising a child, you can give it up for adoption, or you can terminate the pregnancy (if that’s an option in your location). I don’t know of any other practical choices - And none of these are really feel-good options. I feel very sorry mostly for you and your child. This is going to be the beginning of a very difficult time for you no matter what. Please, please learn from this and don’t ever let yourself be in this situation again.

Vesi 29

Um.. yeah.. you can STILL get pregnant WITH protection. My son was the result of a condom that apparently had a pinhole and it was a spermicidal no less. DO NOT JUDGE and automatically assume it was unprotected because they are only 93-98% effective. As for OP, she has a few options and if it up to her to decide what she wants to do after that little episode. For those asking her plans, that's highly personal and invasive. She has all my sympathy as she is about to make a decision that will affect the rest of her life, no matter what route she takes. OP, please see a doctor first and I hope someone can hold your hand as you decide your future path. All the best of luck and love to you.

Wadlaen 23

The only thing I can say is: Good luck!😅

garamo 4

I guess he's right, look at what happened, that's just the beginning and the baby has not born yet!

Oh boy you picked a real champ! But did he know you were trying to get pregnant?

Ultimately you are presented with the following choice: Raise one baby, or two. Alternate choice: zero babies. Best of luck.