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Today, I told my boyfriend I was scared to open up to him because I had lost people in the past by doing so. After an hour of him trying to convince me to share my thoughts with him, I finally agreed to tell him some things that were worrying me. He broke up with me a minute later. FML
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Hey guys I'm the OP, just thought I'd make an account and give you all some extra information. I have an anxiety disorder and depression, he knew about both of these and he could tell I wasn't feeling okay so he asked me what was wrong, I tried to convince him it was nothing because I don't feel comfortable opening up to people because of things that have happened in my past. When he eventually convinced me I wasn't going to lose him if I opened up, I took a risk. I told him some things that were worrying me and no it's nothing crazy or weird (although the murder comments did cheer me up a little). The conversation led to talking about our relationship and that's when he ended it. I'm better off without him because anyone who cant deal with me telling them small things that everyone goes through certainly couldn't handle something big if it ever happened. I am sad it ended but I know its probably for the best

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What the hell are you telling these people??!!

People like that are why I have trust issues!


Thats horrible! I'm so sorry you had to go through that You deserve better than him OP

Well, we don't know the other part of the story, she could be telling awful mind stuff to this people..

Yeah we really need to get the full scoop is we are to fully comprehend if there is a reason for it or not.

..Or she could just have a form of anxiety or she's afraid of getting hurt if she tells someone how she feels, has some problems she wants to work out, or is worried someone would leave her. Just because she might've shared something personal to him doesn't make her possibly awful minded. And usually someone you're in a relationship with is someone you trust

Well let's not forget that a lot of people in america can be absolute assholes for no reason

Wait the assholes are ONLY in America? That's weird, seems like people are posting on this website from all over the world.

Oops, i didn't see that it was from the UK. But still people can be rude for no reason no matter where you are.

People like that are why I have trust issues!

I would agree, but we also have no idea what the **** OP is telling them, so I think it's a little soon to pass judgment either way

Well that escalated quickly. I'm guessing they weren't run of the mill issues though, otherwise you would have probably stated them.

What the hell are you telling these people??!!

Yes OP please share with us since you already brought them to our attention.

Maybe OP is a transgender, that usually is a dealbreaker to lots of peple :(

34 that's something you should tell someone you plan to be in a relationship anyway, before you get intimate they have a right to know and keeping it a secret is a reason to breakup. I'm guessing op told stories about having dreams of killing babies every night or something

I think its fair to say that OPs boyfriends aren't the problem. Whatever OP she is telling them its scaring the hell out of them.

#89. Unless OP is telling them how much she likes to eat the organs of babies while their heart is still beating, or something about how she likes to crush nuts, my money is going with that the guys she ends up with are *******. Even if she was worried, depressed, or has anxiety problems you don't run from that you ******* work it out... Oh one more thing ********. If she's telling him that she doesn't like to give ******** and she'll never do it again, then that's a pretty good reason for them to leave.. Lol I've left for that!

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Male or female, that isn't going to stop OP from having shitty exes.

Would you like their credit card and bank details too?

Blob fish picture. Lol. Our point is the comment was unnecessary. If she has problems, there are people she can talk to in person... like a therapist.

Not everyone has access to a therapist...

I would report this but I have no idea what to put in for the report box

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What a ******* lemon. OP, word to the wise: next time don't open up all your pandora of secrets all at once. Do it bit by bit over the course of the relationship, that way you don't come across as crazy. But **** him tho.

Buy a tub of ice cream. That always helps me after break ups.

Geckosrock99 33

Also tissues and water, for during and after a crying session. It's unhealthy to hold it in when your body needs to cry.

Ice cream and Netflix does it for me.

Geckosrock99 33

Everyone has their coping mechanisms. Different for everyone.

Wallow in self pity combined with poor food choices, sounds like a healthy way to cope. Wouldn't want to get out of the house, get some exercise and meet new people, that would be terrible.

You might have been dating the wrong type of guy OP

"Curiosity killed the cat" or in your case the relationship.

Assshoolee alert! You deserve better, OP. I know right now it may seem that you'll never find someone who'll always be there, but one day you will and they'll love everything about you no matter what. I'll be rooting for you when that day comes! Keep your chin up beautiful! x