By problems - 27/07/2016 06:43 - Thailand - Phuket

Today, on my holiday in Thailand I was using the ATM to withdraw $500 worth of Baht. While doing this the ATM crashed and decided to restart. After 5 minutes it spat my card out and nothing else. When I returned to the hotel to use the Wifi, the ATM had deducted the money from my account. FML
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risher01 16

Talk with the bank you have an account with. I'm sure they would be able to do something. If not then FYL, OP.

species4872 19

Get onto the atm provider explain the situation, They can find out if the money was withdrawn or not.


species4872 19

Get onto the atm provider explain the situation, They can find out if the money was withdrawn or not.

This happened to my brother at a county fair in America and it took over a month to get the company to listen to him. If the atm provider doesn't want to help that money is most likely gone forever.

anlong93 9

Really, 27? That's crazy! Especially since all they would have to do is count down the machine.

risher01 16

Talk with the bank you have an account with. I'm sure they would be able to do something. If not then FYL, OP.

MedChew 19

It's Baht, get your act together FML. But that's a whole lotta Butts! Hope you managed to settle with the bank.

That was the problem! She should've pushed the button that said "baht" rather than "Bart." And set "thip crinkle and spoit" to "off"

this happens some time, within 24 hours your amount will return to your acount.

This happened to me once before. The money did not just return to my account within 24 hours. My bank did an investigation which lasted for over three months before finally giving the money back to me.

Never go to Thailand that's the first mistake. That country may have it's beautiful spots but it's a dangerous, third world country that people can go to jail for practically anything. I'll stick to the travel channel for that region. I really hope you can get the ATM problem sorted out. Good luck!!

So, don't travel anywhere that might be dangerous? Best not leave your house then!

I've actually found Thailand to be a safe, clean and easy to travel in country. Maybe you should just stop being scared of places that are not like your home country and get out of your house more often.

Most accidents happen at home. I guess it's just a bummer for #6 because he will never get to see all the beauty of the travel channel in real.

Or any travel channel with that mind set.

This the stupidest post I have seen. Have you been there? Do you travel at all? I have been there over five times by myself and nothing bad has happened to me. There is risk wherever you are weather if it is in Thailand or America. It's wether if you put yourself in a bad situation or not. Travel smart! Yes, bad things can happen, you can get ripped off and taken advantage of, and it is defiantly an FML, but don't let people post like this determine where to travel to.

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Thailand is having government issues but for tourists it is perfectly safe. And if you've ever seen pictures of Thailand, you'd know it's not a third world country. The majority of it is rural, but not third world.

This is literally the most ignorant post I've ever seen. Thailand is safe and a mostly developed country with great infrastructure and truly wonderful people. The only trouble you get is in over touristic areas such as Phuket which are best avoided anyway because the tourists are the ones generally being disrespectful idiots. I've lived in both the north and southern parts of Thailand and have found it safer and an easier life than any Western country. You've obviously never bothered to watch the travel channel yourself since if you had, you might actually gain a little bit of knowledge about the country instead of spouting nonsense on here.

Are most of you commenting from the US and assuming that the banking system in Phuket works the same? You get ripped off left right and centre, no bank or authorities are going to care about some Westerner's $500 missing there hah! (As a Westerner who spent a year travelling SE Asia...)

MedChew 19

Well, advising him to just suck it up and admit defeat immediately seem pretty stupid to me

I hope for his sake he does get his money back and it's worth trying. I'm just being realistic. He's not going to get much help. Not everywhere in the world operates the same.

Well, obviously. But he was presumably withdrawing money from his home account, and his home bank may be able to do something about it (even if it takes a few months).

Try proving to your bank back home that you didn't receive the cash. I love the country to bits obviously if I stayed that long, but every time I stood at an ATM it was an anxious wait for it to go through and return my card to me, I rejoiced every time both my money and card popped out! Or I checked my account and it wasn't skimmed. And then I bought a beer with my new found cash to celebrate. I feel for the guy, it's not a fun situation, but good luck to him..

MedChew 19

Baht wait, read again, it's 500 USD WORTH of Bahts. It's more like 17500 Bahts give or take....

your money will be credited within 24 hrs... Dnt worry

If op can prove to the bank that they didn't get their cash or contact the probably foreign atm company that likely has no interest in helping.