By fullmoonfml - 12/08/2010 23:05 - United States

Today, I thought it would be funny to moon people out of my friend's car window. I rolled down the window and mooned a random couple. You should have seen the looks on their faces when I had to get out of the car and pick up my phone and wallet, which were in my back pocket. FML
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"Today, I thought it would be funny to moon people out of my friend's car window." --> the first sentence alone already screams for YDI


YDI for keeping shit in your back pocket, where you can sit on it or drop it out the window when mooning people. YDI for poor planning. YDI for having a wallet. YDI for having a phone. YDI for having a friend with a car. YDI for having a friend. YDI for having pants to yank down. YDI for having an ass with which to moon people. Good story, though!

I bet the looks on their faces were nice and moist.

spankmepink22 5

you deserve to be slapped for the over usage of YDI

bdrodd 0

hahaha, so what DIDNT he deserve. xD

rosemary1990 0

lol :D. #1 actually wrote a lot of things n was still first. and OP YDI

zach55 0

that's what you get for having your stuff up your butthole.

it would have been worse if you knew them...or if they were your parents o.O

What's worse is that your friends actually let you go through with this xD Oh well, better luck next time? :)?... Hopefully there won't be a next time, though :P

fuff_fml 4

ahahaha!! lol

Brittney_E 0

if i was your friend, i would've left your ass there. :]

quent10 0

it's funny because you tried to moon people but you failed and dropped your stuff out the window

DJ_Crates 0

Haha dood lol rofl lmao you got owned.

so if you were mooning them...where did you keep your stuff? up your buttox??

I'm guessing you want to say "no pun intended?" lol get it...get it? haha!

mshoes12346 3

u forgot ydi for lookin at there faces!! ;)

Your not very bright are you. comment, win photo...unless thats really you, if so, FYL.

ydi... nothing more

Being an asshole AND an idiot is a horrible combination.

Romeo69 0

haha I agree with 24

Just take a pic of your behind and tape it to the car window

omg if I saw that I swear to god I would piss myself... but ydi for putting shit in your back pockets. dumbshit

haha! number 1 wins! hilarious!

That made me laugh out loud.

chocolate rain!

yum I bet your bum was dry and crispy

FirstBornUnicorn 0

Watch out the Booty Warrior is coming for you.

rly a mw2 icon...? cod 3 and 4 are the way to go

I am going to change it eventually I am just too lazy to do it.

No cod4 and Cod 5 and Bfbc2

WhatANoob 0

I see what you did there. You stole pendatiks cookies and didn't think anyone would see. Shame on you.

AHEM. I told him I stole them.

"Today, I thought it would be funny to moon people out of my friend's car window." --> the first sentence alone already screams for YDI

actually, you can cut that sentence in half; if it says, "I thought it would be funny," then it's typically a ydi. >< |the kid|

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lol nice one smart ass!

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Thank you 15 !!

all I can say is... I done that :D and we actually got pulled over by the cops haha

Ain't Karma a Bitch

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Shure iss.