By IT_4_Hire - 10/05/2009 20:41 - United States

Today, I received a list of employee names who were losing their jobs and I had to remove them from the system as I work for IT. I was on the list. That's right. My last responsibility as an employee was removing myself from the system for security reasons. FML
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that sucks, couldn't you delete yourself from the list? lol


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Remove your supervisors and those you didn't like. You know.. for security reasons

#9 you would probably get sued for that. @ OP: That sucks, it's extremely unprofessional of the company to do that and I would have filed a complaint with whoever was above the person who sent you that memo. At least you handled it in a professional way (I hope?) so when an interviewer asks that dreaded "Talk about a negative situation at your previous job and how you handled it" question, you have an answer ready to go.

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#9 sound like a plan to me revenge is the sweet

Can't you sue, as you have not been notified correctly of the termination of your employment. There is a process to notify you, and by letting you "discover" it this way, they've breached the process.

you could work at Reynholm Industries, you just have to be good-looking XD the i.t. crowd :P

that is alot of trust they put in you

That really sucks. I would have messed up their system really bad before I went - you should *never* piss off the IT person o_O I hope you get another better paying job soon.

you should have done something naughty. like in office space.

I am working to get a job like that...but this is making me reconsider