By farf - 20/05/2015 18:47

Today, I received 46 emails from co-workers who were using reply-all to tell everyone else not to use reply-all. FML
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Makes you look that much better for a higher position

Time to educate them


Makes you look that much better for a higher position

maybe, but it is damn irritating. plus the mailbox gets flooded.. and you might miss out on important mails in between.. happened in my office once. we got 256 reply all mails , then the mail server crashed. lol

Fucking hypocrites and/or idiots.

Reply to them all that they''re retarded

Ok #3. You're retarded.

Same thing happens with group text conversations that freeze-up your phone.

#4 I know this all too well.

Holy shit, I hate group conversations. Whoever thought that was a good feature can burn.

That's why I disabled them

Group conversations? Yeah, I'm just gonna imagine I know what that's like...

I can hardly have one conversation...

You can block individual group texts. At least on the iphone.

haven't had group messages freeze up my phone in years but the notifications are annoying

I hope it was a joke to piss people off and them not actually doing what they were asking others not too...

Well at least you know that you are better at management than your other coworkers

Time to educate them

I guess the "Skill with using email" part of the interview just got overlooked

Kind of like bending the space/time continuum into crazy 8s.

Am I the only one that's having flashbacks of those horrid random holiday group texts where no one knows each other right now?