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Maybe he thought you wouldn't be able to go so he didn't ask to keep you from wishing you could go. He should have asked though if that is why he didn't. Still suprised you didn't find out from your sisters sooner

By  chessu  |  21

So, the way this is phrased, I am going to go out on a limb that you have different mothers and you live with your mother whereas they live with your father and that you're not very close to the 'favorite sisters'. Any chance they paid for the cruise? Or, if you don't get along with them and there's hostility between you, I can understand why you wouldn't have been invited if it was their family holiday - though, I do agree. My dad's been on holidays with his new family (who I'm not close with, but also haven't had any issues with) and he hasn't even mentioned it to me, so it does suck and he should've mentioned this to you regardless.