By crazybiotch - 28/05/2009 18:09 - Canada

Today, I sent a forward to the ladies at my office. When I scrolled down I noticed my personal emails from my best friend were attached. They go into great detail about the sex I had last night, when I was planning on dumping my boyfriend and that I suspected I had an anal fissure. FML
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YDI for being such an idiot. You are at work to work, not to chat to your friends about your sex life & stuff that you stick in your ass that leads to you injuring yourself...

Someone sounds like a whore.


Who tells their bestfriend that?! Dumbass

Reminds me of idiots replying to all to corporate e-mails and saying stupid shit. ALWAYS check your e-mails...

How the hell does that happen?

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FYL? F the office ladies L!

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Maybe your friends have a home remedy. Probably not.


YDI. But very, very hilarious for the readers, here.

agreed with #2. Always check your emails...

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why would you dump your boyfriend after having sex? unless is was with someone else..

I am usually wicked attentive to that kinda thing.

...ew. Be a little more careful next time... and I don't just mean with the emails.