By Anonymous - 3/5/2021 13:01 - Canada - Westbridge


Today, I was listening to an inappropriate song while driving around when I heard my 3 year-old in the back seat say the n-word. If you hear kids screaming, "LEGOS, LEGOS!" out of the windows as I drive by, that's my pathetic attempt at reversing the language they heard. FML
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By  Matthew Irmen  |  11

You should be proud of yourself

By  Matthew Irmen  |  11

You should be proud of yourself

By  DogeToTheMoon  |  1

Everyone saying it’s her fault needs to stop assuming it’s her fault, sadly people say that word in public all the time, I heard a man call his own son that!!! And little kids hear it and say it it’s not always the parents saying or watching stuff where the word is used, you can’t control how other people talk and kids are sponges, another thing is kids try to say words and they come out wrong all the time, my kid said BITCH because she couldn’t say biscuit and F*** because she couldn’t say duck